gate 2C

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"Excuse me, Miss."

I give a sheepish smile as I turn around and face who that deep, raspy voice belonged to. I glance at his flawless grey suit, untouched by wrinkles and inches away from me. Of course he wears a fucking suit to the airport. It's 1am and this man won't settle for some sweatpants, jesus. I think he sleeps in that stupid thing. You could never catch Mr. Ackerman slipping. He was always so professional to everyone. Everyone except you that one night...

"Le- Mr. Ackerman! Hey how you doin?! I'm soooo sorry for being late. I thought I had my passport in my bag but I cou-''

"Save it, y/n. You held the entire class back and we almost missed our flight. Any excuse you have is bullshit." He interrupts coldly. I back up and lean against the pole. You wanna be a bitch? Okay, shorty. Two can play that game.

"Is that really necessary sir? I mean...I'm here. The plane didn't leave, did it? Life moves on. Don't get your panties in a twist," I tease, crossing my arms and sticking my tongue in my cheek. You could practically see the steam blowing out of his ears. I'm too busy triumphing over my small victory to notice him move forward and place his hand on the wall, right next to my arm. He leans in, close enough to prove a point. I knew I was fucked.

"You wanna be a smartass? Hm...let's see. Didn't you request Sasha to be your flight buddy? Well, looks like she'll be sitting next to Connie now. And guess what? I got a perfectly fine seat, right next to mine." He mocks, confidence pouring out of him. His eyes glue onto my face, studying my reaction. My eyes grow wide and I start to stutter. Did he forget about us? Or is he so completely over it, that he just doesn't give a fuck anymore? Ouch. A panicked look plasters my face and I avoid eye contact with him. I play with my hands as my face grows red.

"No, I- wait. Come on, sir. Do you really think that's a good idea? I mean- wouldn't it be weird...our history n stuff..." I finally blurt out, my voice trailing off at the end. I shouldn't have said that, but I know I hit a spot. Our history wasn't exactly pretty, and we haven't brought it up with each other in a whole year. It was a super sensitive issue for the both of us.

I notice his breath hitch ever so slightly. I got him. "No, no I think that's a great idea. And stop talking about us. We never happened. You should know when to stop talking." Levi retorts. Shit, nevermind. I start to speak, but he pushes his arm off the wall and gives me a sarcastic shrug. I dig my fingernails into my palms as I watch his 5'2 self walk away from me. Well that didn't work. That son of a bitch. You're lucky we're about the same height, or I would've flamed your ass. I grit my teeth when suddenly, a wave of emptiness floods my body. As I watch him approach the group, I suddenly longed for him. I missed him. This isn't you Levi. When did you start getting so cold...

"y/n? Y/N IS HERE? OH MY GOD WHERE?" The voice of my favorite human being in the world fills my head and I instantly snap out of the blues. I innocently peep my head out and see Levi gesture his hand in my direction. The death glare he's giving me goes unnoticed. His eyes burn right through me and a dark shadow casts over his face. Point taken, jesus.

"YOU...FUCKING...BITCH!!" She squeals in between breaths, sprinting towards me. She practically jumps on me, and I stagger backwards trying to keep us from falling. She gets off of me and punches me in the shoulder.

"Oooh you don't know how bad I wanna just- YOU SCARED ME, Y/N. Don't ever do that again! I would've been forced to eat all the airplane snacks by myself!"

"Nobody's forcing you. You would still do that...even if I was here."


She tries to hold an angry look with her brows furrowed and her lips in a frown. But we lock eyes, and her lip starts to wobble. Giggles escape from our mouths, and we finally explode into bubbly laughter and give each other a few shoves on the arm. A warm smile replaces her frown. Her beautiful smile never failed to cheer me up. God, she's so pretty.

"Sasha, I'm so sorry. I didn't even have time to check your 20 missed calls and- wow...72 texts. I was busting my ass trying to get here on time and I was caught up in so much and-"

"Oh shut up, come here wittle baby." I roll my eyes as Sasha extends her arms out and I connect it with a tight hug. I realize how tense I am, my shoulders stiff as a brick. I finally relax in her arms with an exhale, all the tension leaving my body. I needed this, Sasha. We embrace each other, but she doesn't let go.

"What happened between you know." Sasha whispers in a serious tone.

" doesn't matter right now. Let's just enjoy this trip together. Fuck him." I whisper back, pulling away from her with a grin. She cups my cheek in her hand and smiles.

"Atta girl. Now hurry, everyone's in line ready to board. Ooh what snack do you wanna eat first on the plane?" She's literally fucking drooling. I shake my head and chuckle. That's the Sasha I know and love.

I explained why I couldn't sit with her on the plane, which rightfully earned me multiple punches on the shoulder. I deserved it.

"Compensation. Now." She extends her hand out and looks away with a smug look on her face. I sigh as I dig through my carry-on for her favorite chips. I get down on one knee, lower my head, and hold the sacred bag above my head.

"Oh gracious Sasha. Please accept this sacrifice. I only ask for your forgiveness. I have deeply wronged you and I offer you my sincerest apology." I say dramatically. I can sense her excitement, and I try my best not to break character.

"Hmph. Apology accepted. Now get up before I use you as my foot stool." She aggressively grabs the chips and stuffs it into her bag. We erupt into laughter and finally make our way to the others standing in the line.

I greet everyone with a sheepish smile, still embarrassed for showing up late.

"Y/n, we were placing bets to see if you would actually show up. Jean lost five dollars." Connie says, grinning at Jean. Jean flips him off without looking up from his phone.

"Nah, I don't blame him. I would've betted against me too." I chuckle, giving Jean a wink. Everyone let out a light laugh and scattered conversations sprung out as we boarded.

─ ✧ ─

I acted like I didn't notice him staring at me. My eyes focused on my friends as I carried out conversations with them. I smiled, listened, and laughed. But I knew...I mean, I wasn't stupid. I felt his burning gaze latch onto me. An immense pressure grew in my chest and it felt heavy.

I always hated the way you studied me.

I hate you. But god, I miss you so much.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
Authors Note:
heyoo hope you guys enjoy the fic so far! im still getting used to writing on wattpad, so bare with me. if you guys have any questions im glad to answer them! thank you for your time <3

Hope the six hour plane ride isn't too awkward for y/n...

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