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"Y/n. I need you over here."

I whip my head around and see Levi standing at the end of the line. He points his finger at the spot behind him. What, I can't even stand next to my friends now? I bite the inside of my cheek and walk towards him with my back hunched over. The energetic conversation I was having with my friends grew more distant as I neared the back of the line. Now I was stuck in the back with Mr. Grumpy. Mood ruined.

"I already told Connie that he's sitting next to Sasha. Jean's upset because that puts him with Jeager." He informs me, expecting an answer. Okay, and? Do you want me to say sowwy for hurting Jean's feelings? I shuffle my feet and stay quiet. I can hear him huff and awkwardly check his watch. God, this was unbearable.

Four long minutes passed without a single word exchange between us. I didn't mind the silence though. It was better than getting into a back-and-forth argument with him. As we neared the ticket scanner, my mind started to wander off and daydream. I pictured his classroom. It was shaped like a pit, with the student seats more elevated and his desk down below. His workspace was always clean and organized, kept in a professional manner. I pictured the bell. The sweet sound of the bell that marked the end of his class. I used to look forward to hearing that bell and giving Mr. Ackerman the "look"-

"Window or aisle." He mutters, breaking the comforting silence and my daydream. I barely catch his words.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Window. Or aisle seat." He forces out, trying to turn away from me. I tilt my head to the side and see the tiniest glint of red on his cheeks. Is he...flustered? Oh my god, is this real? I was too wrapped up in the idea to give him an immediate answer.


"Oh, uhm. Window...thanks," I finally say, doing my best to hide my growing smile. He clears his throat signaling the end of our small talk and we resume our silence. Oh look at me, I'm Mr. Tough Guy. I'm incapable of showing any human emotion and I take things very seriously. I mock Levi in my head. My ass.

─ ✧ ─

We approach the ticket counter and I scan my ticket after Levi. Just as we were about to enter the passageway, the ticket lady grabbed our attention.

"Hope you lovebirds have a good vacation! I heard Hoku's is perfect restaurant for a romantic date. Have a safe flight! Such a beautiful couple..." The ticket lady says admiringly.

Levi and I stop dead in our tracks. My face grows red as I turn and face Levi, who looks absolutely bewildered. We look at each other in disgust and are unable to form sentences. Did that just happen?

"Excuse me, please enter the aircraft. We will be departing soon. Quickly find your seats." The flight attendant politely asks, stepping out into the hallway. She gestures us onto the plane and we comply like lifeless robots. We make our way to our seats, still completely shaken from what occurred a second ago.

We stop at our seat and Levi reaches for the compartment above. He clicks it open and stores his brown leather bag.

"Give me your carry-on." Levi orders without looking at me.

"I can put it away myself."


After stuffing my bag into the compartment, I duck into the window seat and clumsily fasten my seatbelt. He waits for me to get settled before doing the same. I felt the seat next to me dip and I held my breath. Please...say anything. Anything to break this stupid tension. I can't breathe.

My prayer was shortly answered. Levi slightly turned his head towards me. He opened his mouth to speak.

"That was so weird-"

"SO weird right! Yeah...she must be insane to even picture us...like a-"

"A couple- Ha! That's hilarious. That would never happen." Ouch.


"Yeah." Levi finishes. I give a fake laugh and fidget with my hands. I wanted to sink further and further into my seat.

"So- um. You heard about the virus, right?" I steer the conversation in another direction. I turn my head to face him and shift in my seat a little.

"Yeah. Heard it on the radio this morning. There's nothing to worry about, there aren't many cases and we have zero fatalities." Levi assures, crossing his arms across his chest. My eyes travel upwards and I stare into his eyes. His sleepy eyes connect with mine for a second, before we both look away.

"You look tired. You should get some rest sir." I advise. His head turns away from mine.

"Well I had a really long morning."


"I'm sorry, y/n. Thank you, that's a great idea." Levi says, correcting his rude response. I give him a soft smile and watch his grey eyes flutter shut. His shoulders finally relax and his head leaned back against the seat, defining his flawless jawline. I watch his chest rise and fall with every breath. He looks so peaceful.

"You're welcome, Levi." I whisper.

─ ✧ ─

With Shorty fast asleep, I search for Sasha among the sea of college kids. I look past my seat, and catch a glimpse of her reddish-brown hair three seats ahead of mine.

"Psst! Sash!" I whisper. My eyes dart to Levi, making sure he was still asleep.

She immediately peeps her head over the seat and sticks her tongue out at me. I point at Levi, who's absolutely knocked out, and make a sleeping gesture at her. She giggles and watches me as I mouth the words: "help me". I point at Levi again. She winks and turns around in her seat. She proceeds to wrap her arms around her shoulders, hugging herself. She closes her eyes and smooches the air dramatically, pretending to kiss someone. I hear Connie cackling from the seat next to her. That bitch. Laughing, Sasha turns around and forms a heart shape with her hands. I mouth a strong "fuck you" and give her the finger. She blows a kiss at me and turns back around, returning her attention to the bag of chips in front of her.

"You're still not off the hook, y/n. Cut it out." Levi grumbles in his sleep. His eyes remain shut, but a scowl was now plastered on his face.


─ ✧ ─

"Aloha ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard Flight 2835 with service from Seattle to Honolulu. Please prepare for take-off. We ask that you please fasten your seatbelts at this time and secure all baggage. Please turn off all personal electronic devices. Thank you for choosing Hawaiian Airlines. Enjoy your flight and mahalo." A flight attendant announces on the intercom.

I felt the plane jerk forward as we accelerated on the ground. The nose lifted upwards and we were finally in the air. The world below me looked so small. I stared at the tiny cars and distant buildings until the clouds encased the airplane and I could no longer see outside. I close the window and shut my eyes as the cabin lights dimmed.
All I could dream about was Levi.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
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