Alexie's POV

It's been three weeks since that romantic night with Jeric at my condo's rooftop. He's been extremely busy since then. I've been busy with school too so it was kind of a good thing for the both of us. But unluckily for us, coach Pido ordered all his players to stay in the dorm until the season is done so right after his games, he only meets his family and I for a few minutes then off they go back to España.

"Lex, may naghahanap sayo sa lobby. Ayaw papasukin ng guard eh, puntahan mo nalang." My classmate said. We're in school now doing our thesis.

"Ganon ba? Sige thank you!" I went down to the lobby wondering who could that be. To my surprise, my Tiger boyfriend is standing at the entrance holding one stem of a pretty sunflower. I immediately ran to hug the heck out of him.

"You missed me." He chuckled as I let go of him.

"Nah not really." I sarcastically answered even if the smile on my face gave me away.

"I miss you too babe." He kissed the top of my head as he pulled me closer to him.

"Why're here ba? Aren't you suppose to be practicing? Nako lagot ka kay coach!" I teased him.

"Di yun! Timing kasi nagtawag ang admin ng meeting ng coaching staff kaya sabi ni coach tonight nalang daw training so I grabbed the chance to sneak out. So anyway, can I take my girlfriend out for lunch? I miss her eh." Naglalambing nanaman ang intsik.

"That would be great, Mr.Teng! Let me get my bag and we'll get going." I dragged him to the second floor with me. Some students were looking at us probably wondering what the King Tiger was doing in our territory or maybe just admiring Jeric. I didn't mind either way. I took my bag and left. I just texted my groupmates that I'll be out for awhile.

We rode in Jeric's car and immediately went our way to a restaurant just nearby.

"It's been awhile since we've last done this ah." Jeric said while we both went through the restaurant's menu.

"Couldn't agree more! Busy kasi si captain eh."

"Hey, I'm sorry. Promise babawi ako." I did feel he was sorry.

"Ano ka ba, I was kidding! It's fine! It's all good, I understand." I smiled at him.

"Alam mo babe, minsan natatakot na ako sa sobrang pagka understanding mo eh."

"Bakit naman?"

"Baka kasi one day bigla ka nalang mapuno tapos you'll leave me."

"Drama neto! I'll tell you naman if I'll leave." Of course I was kidding.

"Babe naman..." He protested.

"Uy joke lang! Eto naman. Babe I'm behind you every step of the way. I see naman that the sacrifices we both made and still making are paying off well. You know, you get to concentrate with basketball and school and I get to concentrate in school also. It's a win-win for us both. Chill, okay? I won't go anywhere."

"You have no idea the relief I feel right now. Thank you." He held my hand.

"Lets order na nga! Drama mo eh." We both laughed it off.

While eating I remembered something, "by the way, I joined pala the tennis club in UP and guess what? There's a competition and they want me to join. Next weekend daw against CSB. I'm so excited!" I delivered to him the good news.

"That's great babe! I think I don't have game that day baka I can go out and watch you. I'll invite din sila Al maybe they can go."

"Sobrang pressure naman to win if you siblings are going to watch if ever." I kidded.

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