The girl in the alley

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As i was driving home from one of my traps i saw a girl in an alley walking and i no its not safe so i stopped her
Me:aye ma its not safe ova there you wanna ride
Girl:naa son im straight
Me: ma really id hate to hear sum happend to you after i left u here

She got in and gave me directions and i pulled up at my old bando dat got busted

Me: ma you stay here
Girl:yess i do
Me:not no more its not safe and i cant let nun happen to you
Girl: you dont even no me son slo down
Me: i picked you up and im not lettin you go in a dangerous place
Girl: dont worry i stay strapped im good
Me:you coming with me lets go get your stuff

With that she said nothin else we walked in the house through the back and she lifted a rug then the floor bored and got three bags a blue duffle bag a pink one and black one she handed me the pink one and took the other two

Me:damn ma dis shit heavy da fuuck in here
Girl:my guns

She said that as if it was normal and i just went with it we left and i asked her to tell me about her self and she said ill tell you if i can get a shower i chuckled a little bit and said okay while turning into my drive way

Awww snap so wats boutta happen

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