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So its been 4 months and I'm 6 months pregnant now and ever since I killed chyna ty been actin different like he don't want me to do anything. Idk what's going on but I think he started to get jealous of me. But I love him and he loves me so he'll get over it.

Me: babe I'm leaving I want some pizza and wings and McDonalds and a frosty. U want something

Ty: naah but hurry up and get back and don't talk to nobody or do anything but wat u said

Me: okaay imma be back in an hour

We haven't been spending a lot of time together because of how I've been acting and I feel bad so I'm gonna tell her everything and hopefully we get back to how we used to be but I still think she should retire from the game because there can only be one king and obviously being queen isn't gonna work for mya plus she having my baby I have to protect them

My thoughts were interrupted by the front door opening

Me: Bae come here please

May: yess Bae

Me: i no the last few months we been kinda distant and that's my fault I was jealous of how good you were doing and that you basically took my place as the king I'm sorry my pride got the best of me but either way I want u out this game for u and my son and I don't care how u feel about it I love u more than ever and I need you to be safe and our baby because there is no one left if we both get killed by the streets and I don't want none of my kids in this game when they get older so as soon as I make 3 more million we can leave go where ever u want and start our family the right way

Hearin all this come from ty shocked me like I can't believe he thinks I took his place as king of the streets and he wants out the game and why does he think we're having a son but im glad to hear he wants to move and start a family the right way

Me: okay Bae I understand I love you

Ty: I love u tooo

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