sweet like honey

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I been here two weeks and i love it im already known and respected by everyone.me and ty have been goin on dates and he is really sweet. And i made a new bestfriend. Her name is honey she grew up wit ty and they been in this game together but she is so sweet and she cute but thats my short ass asian thug right there i fuck wit her and her boyfriend trell he ty bestfriend.

Me:babe!!!honey and trell comin over in a lil bit ta chill

Ty:well get ya ass in dis damn room and kiss me until they get her

Me:boy you stupid

Ty:and yo fine ass like it maa

Me:yo son shut the fuck up i just pocked my fuckin eye in

All i heard was ty laughin so i ran in the room and jumped on him while he was laying down i sat on his lap and he pulled me into a kiss we was kissing for like 2 minutes and he got hard lol dis nigga here boiii

me: did i do that(i said in a steve erkle voice pointin to the lump in his pants

Ty:yaaas ma now fix it

Aight i said while slidin down so my face was at his area i started pullin his shorts down then said well acutally im not in a relationship so idk then i got up and went back in the bathroom laughing

Ty: ma you wrong faah dat one

Me:nah son its true no head or cookie when you aint puttin a clam on dis

Ty:but i clam you(he said walkin i  the bathroom and wrappin his hand around my waist)

Me:but im not your girl im(gco)

Ty:will you be my girl....officailly please

Me:yeaaa babe you aint even have to ask

Ty:girl you too much but i like it soon enough ill love you

When he said that i just kissed him like i havent seen him in years and then the bell rang

Me:baby go get that while i put on some clothes

All i had on was my bra and some shorts because i just got out the shower. I put on some basketball shorts sock and a black tank top

Everyone is sittin down passin the blunt watchin tv and eatin junk food its now like 11:00 and we jusst chillen but i think im ready for bed

Me:good night yall im tired

Honey:night bookie

Trell:ight ma goodnight

Tyga:baby ill be up in a lil bit ight

Me: yeaa son wake me up when you get up there ight

Ty: yea baee

I went upstairs and layed down soon after  i was sleep

Soo its short but im workin on ittt yaaall

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