runnin a job

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Me and mya got a call from trell and honey sayin they house got shot up and they no who did so we boutta go kill dis nigga and his crew

Me: baee you ready man here (our driver)

Mya:yeaaa im ready lets do this


We walked out the door and she locked. We got to the car seeing honey and trell there but not man

Me:yall were man at

Honey: we dont need him man lets go

Me:ight man come on

30 minutes later
We pulled up to this ware house and went in but nobidy was there i walked in first with trell right behind me and honey and mya behind him

me: its empty bruh we got set up (i turned around to see trell holdin a gun to my head and honey put tape over mya mouth and a gun to her head) wtf u doin we in dis shit together let us go

Trell: man i love ya dog but if yall die me and honey become king and queen and in this game you cant even trust your family. We not gon kill you but we gon leave yall here handcuffed to that poll

He hand cuffed us to the poll and they been gone for about 30 minutes now and its been silent i hope she not mad at me

Me: mya u mad at me

Mya: no baby but shh please just dont talk

Me: i love you

Mya: i love you too

Almost an hour later

Mya: you ready to go

Me: of course but how

I heard noise and soon enough she walk to me and unlocked my one leg and one arm

Mya: we boutta kill them tonight call man and tell em come get us. And they fucked up cuz i still got a gun in my basketball shorts under my sweatpants

Me: babby you a G fr and i wanna kill trell u got honey right

Mya: hell yea i got her im bout ready ta strangle her but that takes to long id rather just shot her and go home im tired

Me:alright babe lets go man here

We walk outside and got in the truck told him where to go and he parked in the back

Inside the house

Honey:aaaahhh fuck trell faster baby faster

Trell: who's is it

Honey: daddy its yours aaawww fuck faster daddy faster im boutta cum

We still downstairs but we ready to go up now so we walked upstairs to they room and kicked open the door

Mya: yall havin fun bitches

Me: yall thought yall could replace us but you couldnt do a simple job right shame

Honey: yall not gonna kill us

Mya: really

She pulled her gun up to honey shoulder and shot her

Mya: i no we interupted yall havin fun so ill help you out with that

She stuck the gun in and out of honeys's area and when honey let out a moan then started yellin for her to stop she honey cam and mya shot her right in her area wuthout hesating and we let trell watch now its his turn

Me: ya turn niggga

Trell: man what yall bouta do

Me: she fancy with her killin im not

I shot him in the stomach then the head we left and went to the car stripped and grabbed some clothes from the back to put on we gave man the clothes when he dropped us of then went and got 5,000 dollars to pay him after that we headed for the showers

Did yall please thanks

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