gettin my girl back

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I ran downstairs fast when i seen the note to go tell the guys

Me: ayye yall no how i killed trell and mya killed honey, well nino trinna kill me and he using mya to get to me

Nino is trell older brother

Wayne: well lets go find him and get ya girl back

Me: yea man i got da spot lets go

We left in my truck and got to nino trap house i walked in first to see mya tied up to a chair and nino holdin a gun to her head

Me: man let her go its me you want kill me but leave her and my unborn child alone

Nino: okaay

He untied her and she ran to me crying nino didnt no the guys where outside but we had a plan nino punched me in the face while mya stood there she waited for me to hit him and when i did she grabbed nino gun and shot him in his chest twice this was easier than i thought

At home

Me: baby u okay

Mya: of course bae u no i got dis but he had an inside man that set me up to get kidnapped and who ever it was was with you tonite

Me: who u think it is

Mya: i think its drake

Me: well thaks baee ill figure it out and handle it but i ran into somebody today

Mya: who

Me: my ex chyna

Mya: and....

Me: she juss said dont worry ty ill be back you your girl and ya baby gona see me soon

Mya: oh hell nawl how df she no im pregnant ioon even no shawtyy like df son where she stay at cuz ioon play bout all three things she said imma kill her watch i mean it too

Me: babe calm down she aint bout dat life chill

Mya: maybe she wit drake cuz he a snake and one of the only ones u told bout me bein pregnant

She has a good point damn how didnt i see any of this.....itss all too much right now im tired

Soo yall its short but im tired soo it had taa happen like dis

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