gettin rid of the snakes

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So its been three days since everything went down and i found the lil snake.
I got sum for him though so i aint worried

Me: bae i no who was workin wit trell and i think chyna

Mya: drake no doubt

Me: hell yeaa his snake ass aint slick so i got some people for him and now i gotta worry bout chyna

Mya: babby noo u dont i got her i told you my family aint ta be played wit imma get her asss soon enough but i neeed drake outta my way or imma kick his ass back to canada.

Me: lol bae chill but okay maa my plan boutta go into action so see ya later

Mya: bye bae

Three hours later

I told drake i had sum things to handle tonight and i needed him and he came with me to and abandon warehouse and thats when shit went down

He walked in first then i did he turned to talk to me and when he did i punched him in his jaw

Me: i over heard u and that hoe talkin nigga u a snake and aint neva been real

Drake: man fuck you, you took my girl so i took her back and we gonna run this town ima be the king with my queen right there

Me: yea right there everynight after 11:00 cuz she just finished puttin her clothes on for the night after bein a queen ta every nigga at the king of dimonds. Man you dumb. real ass niggas ridin for you and u throw it away for a hoe nigga u deserve taa diee

Drake: then kill me nigga plzzzz
Me: okaay dont gottaa ask twice

Three shots and that was all insintly dead and now i gotta go home with my babby

Since ty was handlin drake i decided to handle chyna so i went to her house and she was there fuckin some nigga. I heard them from outside as i busted in the house i ran upstairs and the nigga ran out leaving me and a naked chyna

Chyna: hey bitch what you doin here

Me: ohh nothin boutta kill ya hoe asss faah threatining my family bitch

Chyna: you aint real bitch you aint bout shittt

Me: why you laughin hoe these are u last seconds instead of chucklin u should be prayin dont ya think

Chyna: stupid ass bitch you wont do shitt h(gco)

Before she finished that word i shot her in her throat and then stomach and left when i got home ty was there lookin worried

Ty: where was you

Me: i killed chyna is drake dead
Ty: yess he is but why did you go tonite i thought you was gonna wait

Me: i was but its like killin two birds with one stone

Im tired of this now i no she was takin care of her family but i call the shots and im not ready for sum one takin my thrown its not gonna work trust no one in this game not even ya partner

Oooooowww is ty turnin into a lil snake
Keep readin idk bout a sequel for this book but idk cuz its far from over im kinda ready to move on but i hate leavin a product unfinished so plzzz bare with me

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