The Fall of Siganshina

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After you explain the plan to the group, they all ready in their position. Bertholdt already at the front of the wall waiting for (Y/N) signal.

(Y/N): 3..!

Bertholdt take out his knife,


Ready the knife,


Knife in his hand,


Bertholdt cut his palm...

Suddenly there is lightning that struck  Bertholdt, the lightning make the ground around Siganshina shaking. When (Y/N) and his group open their eyes, what they see now is not Bertholdt but 50 meter titan with exposed flesh and bone. After a few second of staring at the residents behind the wall,  Bertholdt kick the wall and now there is a large hole in the wall.

(Y/N): Looks like my plan is running smoothly. Reiner get ready!

Reiner: Ok!

While Reiner is getting ready, Bertholdt already regroup with them.(Y/N) give him the mask after he see Bertholdt shifter mark is too big to cover it with only hoodie.

(Y/N): Take this, looks like your shifter mark is bigger than other titan. You did well back there.

Bertholdt: Thanks. Where is Reiner by the way?

(Y/N): He is getting ready to proceed our plan. We wait till you get ready before proceed to our plan. So you ready yet?

Bertholdt: Give me some water and I'm ready.

(Y/N): Take this then.

(Y/N) throw the bottle to Bertholdt. He then take out some of his bread. He then cut the bread to half and offer it to Annie.

(Y/N): You want some? You dont eat anything since yesterday.

Annie: Thanks. How about KZ?

KZ: Bread.. Bread... I want bread

(Y/N): Ok ok, take this. You already eat whole of my bread this morning so you will only get little this time.

(Y/N) said to KZ while he eat the bread that left for him. He then clean his hand and get up.

(Y/N): Ok looks like everyone is ready.

Bertholdt: Yeah, I'm ready now.

(Y/N): If you said so then we will proceed. Oi Reiner!!!

(Y/N) call Reiner while waving his hand. He then give thumbs up to him to signal him that they are ready.

Reiner then take his knife out.

Reiner: Ok so, I need to hurt myself with this knife and have clear objective then I will transform into the titan. No pressure.

Reiner then cut his palm, and the same thing happen like when Bertholdt turn into titan, the difference is the ground not shaking too strong.

Bertholdt: You think they will see the lightning struck?

(Y/N): You mean they who live in the wall? Absolutely they will see it and it will be their nightmare.

They then run to 15 meter Armored Titan. Reiner then offer his hand for them to ride. (Y/N) give instruction to Reiner about how will he take down wall maria

(Y/N): Reiner your titan is not so height and big to kick the wall like Bertholdt does, so I want you to run as fast as you can and tackle the wall. But be careful, dont let us to fall while you running or else this mission will fail. Understand?

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