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June 4
12:00 pm

"I'm just so sick of shy and his shit Kay. Granted, I'm glad that him and his lil friends went and got that job at the car place and I know he be tired sometimes when he come home but that down mean he gotta belittle the shit that I do" I vented to karma on FaceTime while she was on break at work, eating

Karma is still the only person I feel comfortable venting to and talking to about my problems. No offense to mj and Lani but, Kay has just always been my person

"Yeah that ain cool cause taking care of kids and a house really ain easy. That shit is draining especially when you don't get a break"

"And I don't! As soon as Shy get home he'll take a shower, eat something then go to sleep"

"Ma I'm hungry" jr said to me while he looked up from his tablet

"You just ate"

"And I'm hungry again" he shrugged before looking down at his tablet causing me to roll my eyes and get up going into the kitchen

"I miss when my baby was that.. a BABY"

"Girl jr is 6 now. Make his ass get up and get a bag of chips or something" Kay told me while she stabbed her fork into the little bowl of chic fil a macaroni

"Last time I let him do that I had to clean up eggs and shit off the ground"

"Oh hell. Nevermind then.. but I think y'all need to have a real conversation like mature adults!"

"I do try to have mature conversations with shy but he so damn sensitive"

"Shy is kinda sensitive but you do be saying some hurtful shit Bri"

"No I don't. I just tell shy what it is.. how it is"

"And you don't care about how it makes him feel"

"So what? I'm supposed to bite my tongue for him?"

"No. But I think y'all need to both calm down on how y'all talk to each other and the choice of words when y'all tryina get a point across in order for the other person to wanna listen. Cause if you saying wild shit he ain gone wanna listen. Instead he just gone get mad and find wild shit to sat back to you then both of y'all left mad"

"You might be right"

Kay looked into the camera while eating the macaroni off her fork "might be? Bitch I know I'm right"

We both laughed and I shook my head, grabbing a pot and filled it with water before putting it on the stove  "I'm just trying kay. I really do love shy cause if I didn't, I wouldn't have stayed this long"

"I know. Cause shy really did put you through hell"

"He did and I don't even get appreciated for that at least. But he gotta give in and stop living in this fuckin 1950's mindset. Just like he'll probably get mad when I tell him I plan on going back to school"


"Girl yeah. I tried online school once but I think jr was too young to manage him and school but now I think I'll be good. Especially since he'll be going to school in August"

"You'll have the whole house to yourself.. must be nice" karma sighed "meanwhile my oldest is only almost 3 and the twins..... it's so many kids in that house. And the only break I seem to get is on the ride to and from work"

"I thought they were sleeping through the night"

"Kyran does except when he gets hungry at like 2 in the morning. But Kinsley.. she has to basically be up Benji's ass in order to sleep"

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