Lynx Malfoy (A Harry Potter FanFiction)

So, everyone knows who Draco Malfoy is... but did you know he had a sister? Lynx Malfoy is loved by her older brother Draco, but he chooses He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named over her because he simply doesn't want to die. Now Lynx is hated by her parents and now must go to the family that the Malfoy's hate most.... the Weasley's.... Will they trust her? Or will she be damned in all of the Wizarding World?
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Take your time writing fight scenes.  Explain what she felt, and what she saw
I be like ohh lynx? She ma bestie i may have never met her or heard about her buhh i cant be friends with anybody … wow self centered much Zoë?
how do you vote?? and I love it. I'm actually writing a fanfic where Malfoy has an older sister and she's perfect. it's fun reading this!
@RandomFandomGirl1101 im gonna try to answer this like Draco : its my sister not the famous Potter, the mudblood Granger or muggle lover Weasley
RUN WILD AND BE GORGEOUS =) keep reading it comes up somewhere in like the 30th chapter ;)
I love how it shows the soft side of Draco. You must write more, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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