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LaurenDMSmith By LaurenDMSmith Updated 2 years ago
A chance meeting at party thrusts Tania into the midst of the world of psychics, were-creatures, spirits and the worst of them all: Alex, the irritating vampire who won't leave her alone.
taniyourstruly taniyourstruly 4 months ago
OOhmygod... My real name is Tania.. Ughh now i'm gonna imagine myself
ryuushukirei ryuushukirei a year ago
Ahmm.. i cant read it full :\'( i only had 4 chapters in my library.. Why is that? Waaaahhhhhh
Always8 Always8 a year ago
I just started reading, so I don't really have an opinion yet. I did have a question though. Did you mean to name Alex after an elementary school in Missouri? Because I went to a school called Alexander Donovan. It could just be a coincidence . . .
renice renice 2 years ago
Hey Lauren, I'm Lauren! Love your book! Can u check out mine "an unexpected love (Megan's choice)"?
books4all books4all 2 years ago
I like the intro, how shes dancin with this cute guy, and her friends like "do u know who that is?!" And shes like "nooo" that would have been me, totally clueless
Mangacrazy21 Mangacrazy21 2 years ago
Seriously ...at least do an epilogue to wrap things up real quick. :(