A chance meeting at party thrusts Tania into the midst of the world of psychics, were-creatures, spirits and the worst of them all: Alex, the irritating vampire who won't leave her alone.
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Out of curiosity did you pick the name 'Aiden' for the fire elemental because that particular name means fire in Gaelic?
Ahmm.. i cant read it full :\'( i only had 4 chapters in my library.. Why is that? Waaaahhhhhh
I love Alex and his friends. she needed that after her day with the guy who was looking for his son
Hey Lauren, I'm Lauren! Love your book! Can u check out mine "an unexpected love (Megan's choice)"?
Wow I didn't think u leave the story like that. It was awesome til the way it ended. Kinda left us on a cliffhanger....
I am sooooooooo using 'sanity challenged' the next time someone calls me crazy!!!!!!!!! that is just epic!!!!!

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