The True Life Of Hatia Seether

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Mikey Fratelli By LoveFromLetterbomb Completed
Hatia's life sucks. Her parents are death eaters. She's always wanted to escape. Then, the letter came. Hogwarts had finally accepted her, but her father has other plans. Hatia will get to Hogwarts though. Human, or not.
 Hatia will get to Hogwarts though. Human, or not. <<<<< that got my attention right away! 
I'm not usually into Harry Potter, but this is good. I liked it (: But one thing, it's escape not excape. that's all. (:
This is off to a good start!  This isn't really my genre, but I like what you have so far :)
lol go bandgeek13..... our English teacher SUCKS and she is old
                                    and...... I like this one better then other one;)!!!!!!!!!!
Harry Potter!:))
                                    I love the Harry Potter books
Is this supposed when Harry was in his fourth year? Its pretty good so far. I like me a void harry potter spin off :]