Brothers best friend by galexysparkle
Brothers best friendby galexysparkle
Emma Johnson wasn't one to do bad things. One day her life changes when she moves to her new school that her brother had been attending. The plus side is she made actual...
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Instagram // Wesley Tucker [Completed] by skepticalzy
Instagram // Wesley Tucker [Comple...by valentina
@okokalright started following you Finished [Dec,23-2016]
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IT ✩ imagines\preferences  by -wyEet
IT ✩ imagines\preferences by 🛵💨
I'm a shit writer, I'm sorry. ~ requests open
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  • jack
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My Dork (Wesley Johnson X Reader) by Jaelybird
My Dork (Wesley Johnson X Reader)by J.Bird
(Y/N) is a 26 year old girl applying for a job at the Smosh offices. She has always wanted a job like this and it was finally a dream coming true. She meets everyone in...
  • sohinki
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Heart To Heart by medicineoflarry
Heart To Heartby medicineoflarry
[was originally called a bump in the road] [Completed July 7th 2017] Harry Styles is part of the biggest boy band in the world. He is also in love with bandmate Louis a...
  • liampayne
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The Perfect Summer by AutumnFireflyx
The Perfect Summerby M A Y
Alison is looking forward to the best summer EVER with her best friend Serena. When Ali and Serena go away for the summer, they don't expect to be torn apart. They work...
  • summer
  • friends
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COSTARS | CHRIS WOOD by Maddiekins618
COSTARS | CHRIS WOODby SiredtoStiles
*a fanfiction taken place on mostly social media Madeline Rose : plays Jessica Forbes on The Vampire Diaries, as one of the only humans on the show. then Chris Wood i...
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Dobsley: a love story  by romance_book_lover_
Dobsley: a love story by romance_book_lover_
Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev are two co-stars that have fallen in love, but like every love story there is an obstacle. Could they overpass the pressure and obstacles.
  • dobrev
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Smosh Family preferences by whotfis5sauce
Smosh Family preferencesby Mei
Just some imagines and preferences because
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♡Draco Malfoy Imagines♡ by AestheticSlytherin
♡Draco Malfoy Imagines♡by 💕BabySlytherin💕
Hey these are Draco Malfoy Imagnes I hope you like them and in joy them also if you want an image message me and I'll be happy to make you one
  • hermione
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  • slytherin
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Pennelope and the Prince (Harry Potter Love Story) Book 6 by helpem
Pennelope and the Prince (Harry Po...by Helpem
The sixth year into the series of Pennelope and her adventures with the Golden Trio. Everything is different this year. The teachers, the enemies. . . The list could go...
  • snape
  • jone
  • wesley
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FATE ► P.WESLEY by alcohoIicsoul
FATE ► P.WESLEYby julia
paulvedere followed you! [ social media ]
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Wesley Tucker Interracial Imagines/Preferences by those_prettyeyes
Wesley Tucker Interracial Imagines...by those_prettyeyes
I got so many requests to do a Wes Tucker interracial book, so because I love all of my fans and I got the inspiration from @ExtraordinaryNutella's amazing book I decide...
  • interracial
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The Vampire Diaries GIF Imagines Two by DamonSmolderHolder
The Vampire Diaries GIF Imagines T...by Squidward
Title as said, Check out my second Book: The Vampire Diaries Gif imagines, in my home page.
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Smosh Imagines by BlackShmello
Smosh Imaginesby BlackShmello
Every Smosh member guy you can think of. If you have requests, I'll be happy to write them. I can get pretty bad writers block. I'll only have the boys, but I'll also ha...
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Silently Falling (Draco Malfoy) by MoonWolf_0128
Silently Falling (Draco Malfoy)by MoonWolf_0128
Emily has always studied at home when she had the chance, but now her grandparents suddenly changed their minds and are having her attend Hogwarts. It wouldn't be to big...
  • drama
  • romance
  • ron
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My Destiny is You (Buffy/Angel-verse fan fiction) by OlgaPinsky
My Destiny is You (Buffy/Angel-ver...by Olga Pinsky
Buffy and Angel along with the rest of the gang's futures were uncertain. They lost many of their loved ones to various battles but what happens when the return of those...
  • gunn
  • tara
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The Sister of the Salvatores (The Vampire Diaries -FF) by xXJacquXx
The Sister of the Salvatores (The...by Jacqueline
Es geht um die Schwester die zu ihren Brüdern zurück kommt. Es warten jedoch viele gefahren auf sie in Mystik Falls. Sie findet ihre große Liebe wieder und noch viel meh...
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Precipitous by WriteAwayGirl01
Precipitousby Aimee
#479 in Mystery / Thriller "I'm sick of living this life! Why can't you understand? I don't want to be the good girl anymore." From the outside, Hayley Schul...
  • friendship
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PressPlay's Photographer:Wes Tucker Fanfic by Justyouraveragenerdd
PressPlay's Photographer:Wes Tucke...by JustYourAverageNerd
So she's a normal teen who likes the internet and netflix. One email may or may not of changed her life. Could she possibly be touring with Pressplay? Will a certain som...
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