IT ♕ imagines\preferences  by _Lieberwhore
IT ♕ imagines\preferences by 🛵💨
I'm a shit writer, I'm sorry. ~ requests closed
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Instagram | Joseph Morgan|  by denisem_97
Instagram | Joseph Morgan| by denisem_97
Lilian Grace is America's sweetheart. As an actress an singer she has become one of people most favourite celebrity. With her job on the vampire diaries playing Aria Gil...
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Brothers best friend by galexysparkle
Brothers best friend by galexysparkle
Emma Johnson wasn't one to do bad things. One day her life changes when she moves to her new school that her brother had been attending. The plus side is she made actual...
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Instagram // Wesley Tucker [Completed] by skepticalzy
Instagram // Wesley Tucker [Comple... by valentina
@okokalright started following you Finished [Dec,23-2016]
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Instagram by QueennJeess
Instagram by :):
@saharluna: I'm back and I'm better ((: (Sequel to Imessages)
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Wesley Tucker Interracial Imagines/Preferences by those_prettyeyes
Wesley Tucker Interracial Imagines... by those_prettyeyes
I got so many requests to do a Wes Tucker interracial book, so because I love all of my fans and I got the inspiration from @ExtraordinaryNutella's amazing book I decide...
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Instagram  by cloudcatcher2
Instagram by tHrasHer
'Okokalright commented on your photo' side note: THIS IS NOT JUST ABOUT WESLEY TUCKER
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instagram || s.m by rrejected
instagram || s.m by ¡hope!
shawnmendes: you look so good kelseycalemine: @shawnmendes who are you?
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FATE ► P.WESLEY by alcohoIicsoul
FATE ► P.WESLEY by julia
paulvedere followed you! [ social media ]
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Instagram ➸ J.G by -banoo-
Instagram ➸ J.G by B 🦋
@jackgilinsky liked your post @jackgilinsky started following you
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BELIEVER || CHRIS WOOD  by greyshawkins
BELIEVER || CHRIS WOOD by greyshawkins
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My Dork (Wesley Johnson X Reader) by Jaelybird
My Dork (Wesley Johnson X Reader) by J.Bird
(Y/N) is a 26 year old girl applying for a job at the Smosh offices. She has always wanted a job like this and it was finally a dream coming true. She meets everyone in...
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Text Me Back by Lightslastbreath
Text Me Back by dad
in which ian somerhalder's sister grows close to his newest co-star I| a social media fic |I #1 in Joseph Morgan Social Media
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Instagram (Wesley Tucker) by sassystylesxx
Instagram (Wesley Tucker) by Sidney
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Smosh Games Preferences by UltHecox
Smosh Games Preferences by Was Sohinkis_Hairline
Preferences For Smosh Games (Request open at all times) !No Smut And No specific gender!
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The Forgotten Gilbert by Thorin_Stormshadow
The Forgotten Gilbert by Caitlin Cline
I've been in my sister's shadow for my whole entire life. I wouldn't have been if I hadn't been born with the looks I have. I have flaming red hair that's super-freakish...
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ew ± jyatt  by EMOTOZIER
ew ± jyatt by _
"Ew" "fuck you oleff" In which wyatt calls jaedens obsession with naruto ew.
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COSTARS | CHRIS WOOD by Maddiekins618
COSTARS | CHRIS WOOD by SiredtoStiles
*a fanfiction taken place on mostly social media Madeline Rose : plays Jessica Forbes on The Vampire Diaries, as one of the only humans on the show. then Chris Wood i...
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Smosh Family preferences by whotfis5sauce
Smosh Family preferences by Mei
Just some imagines and preferences because
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Legitimement Maries by FlutePlayer56
Legitimement Maries by FlutePlayer56
Harry Potter, Fred and Hermione Marriage Law. Set post-Hogwarts in the year 2000. Would love to hear your comments
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