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The Lost Daughter ➳ Once Upon A Time  by mygrandesposey
The Lost Daughter ➳ Once Upon A Ti...by ' Alex♛ '
Emma was born with the potential to be the purest saviour or a dark villain. But her parents made sure she was born into the light. Snow White and Prince Charming weren'...
  • dobrev
  • emmaswan
  • nina
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Different Worlds by 1DBTRmuffin
Different Worldsby 1DBTRmuffin
Bella was gone. The birth of Renesmee stole her from the Cullens. However, sorrow did not linger for long. Edward and his family were busy taking care of the new edition...
  • dobrev
  • zoella
  • twilight
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Forever BFFs [hs] by EsteeStyles
Forever BFFs [hs]by EsteeStyles
"Friends come and go but one bestfriend will stay with you in all stages of life" "If you love someone,say it before it's too late,before both of...
  • niall
  • friend
  • tomlinson
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The Forgotten Gilbert by Thorin_Stormshadow
The Forgotten Gilbertby Caitlin Cline
I've been in my sister's shadow for my whole entire life. I wouldn't have been if I hadn't been born with the looks I have. I have flaming red hair that's super-freakish...
  • wesley
  • dobrev
  • paul
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Love Bites *On hold to complete other stories* by awesomesauce21
Love Bites *On hold to complete ot...by JJ
Our eyes connected all of the sudden. Not just looking into each other, but actually seeing what was there, as he said, "I want you to get everything that you're lo...
  • ian
  • paul
  • vampires
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Ο Θρύλος Του Λάικο : Τα Χρονικά Της Άσκοτ by 247710a
Ο Θρύλος Του Λάικο : Τα Χρονικά Τη...by Ευαγγελία Δ
Ο Θρύλος Του Λάικο, μια αρχαία προφητεία -μύθος- των Λάικο που βγήκε αληθινή αρκετά χρόνια μετά. Οι Λάικο είναι ένα είδος διαφορετικών λυκανθρώπων, Σαν λύκοι είναι μεγ...
  • θρύλος
  • nina
  • λυκάνθρωπος
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Fierys Killer. Chapter 1 by KatnissRPN12
Fierys Killer. Chapter 1by Katniss Everdden
  • isabelle
  • fuhrman
  • dobrev
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Dance, Dream & Love Niall Horan by Deacttivated
Dance, Dream & Love Niall Horanby Heayden Mackenzie
Elena Petrova (average girl, trust issues, unfriendly life) moves to London only to be met with the NIALL HORAN at a concert...What happens when she falls but is caught...
  • fan
  • liam
  • pieterse
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Becoming his by kimmxyy
Becoming hisby Kimmy Guerrero
Rei's father left when she was just a child, after this her mother has indebted herself and endangered Rei. That is until he saves her. What will she do to repay him? Di...
  • studentcouncil
  • nina
  • pet
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Unconditional Love || c.d by nashcashcameron
Unconditional Love || c.dby nashcashcameron
Sophia and Cameron were best friends in middle school but Sophia moved away in 7th grade. When she moves back to Chino Hills in the end of 12th grade, will her and Camer...
  • dobrev
  • nina
  • fanfiction
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The only expection - Part 1 by flatlinedeluxe
The only expection - Part 1by abbie
  • justin
  • bieber
  • boy
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L'amore che ho sempre desiderato. by estertomilson
L'amore che ho sempre desiderato.by Ester :)
Nina Evans, ragazza che sogna il vero amore e con una passione particolare. Ian Somerhalder, uomo d'affari, sempre impegnato e pensa solo al lavoro. Che succederà?
  • nina
  • ian
  • somerhalder
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I Had To Know Her by dobrevsdiaries
I Had To Know Herby -
Stefan Salvatore has been a vampire for as long as he can remember. He's killed people. He's hurt people. He's made so many mistakes in his life that he can't even rem...
  • pain
  • nina
  • love
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Queen Of Hearts by ZGLimes
Queen Of Heartsby Zoe and Hope
Going through guy like a Kleenex. Breaking Hearts like Picture Frames. Reigning Supreme as the Queen of Hearts. Cover by @AmyLMarie
  • dobrev
  • queenofhearts
  • hearts
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My sexy new gym teacher by macie_chapple
My sexy new gym teacherby macie_chapple
Ian smalderhandler is the new gym teacher what happens when he sees maya rivers as more than a student?
  • maya
  • âs
  • somerhalder
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Broken (Zayn Malik FanFiction) by zk7860
Broken (Zayn Malik FanFiction)by zeynäh
Nina is like any other average 17 year old girl, but when she finds out that the love of her life has cheated on her, her whole world falls apart, and so does she. Litt...
  • addiction
  • dark
  • vampire
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Behind The Scenes [A Robert Downey Jr. Fan-Fic] ON HOLD by SarahLovesRDJ
Behind The Scenes [A Robert Downey...by Sarah
It's Nina Dobrev's first day on set of Todd Phillips new romantic movie "Love at first sight" when she meets her co-star Robert Downey Jr. Although she soon b...
  • downey
  • scarlettjohansson
  • toddphillips
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Lucifer's Bride by AtticusKingx
Lucifer's Brideby Atticus
Thousands of years ago, the Higher one condemned 7 angels from heaven. Stripped off of titles, rights to heaven and powers, he made them live among his creations. Seven...
  • pride
  • mysterious
  • lucifer
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