[SHORTFIC] [TAENY] Open Your Heart by sullyflynn
[SHORTFIC] [TAENY] Open Your Heart by An Sully
Kim Taeyeon & Tiffany, 2 con người luận tính cách, địa vị đều hoàn toàn khác nhau, lại còn chẳng ưa nhau, gặp ở đâu thì cãi ở đó. Nhưng trớ trêu thay ghét của nào thì...
  • tiffany
  • taeny
  • taeyeon
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Sex Forever + J.J.K by JungYoon_97
Sex Forever + J.J.K by nochu👯
WARNING!! 1) Akan ada PRIVATE CHAPTER untuk 18+/15+ scene so kalau nak baca dan tak nak ketinggalan, sila lah follow author ye ≧∇≦ ~~~~~~~~~ + Jeon Jungkook dan Im Yoona...
  • yoonkook
  • lovelyz
  • 18
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The Joseon Princess✔ by stepcherry
The Joseon Princess✔ by cherry
"Naga emas yang memeluk bulan akan menimbulkan bencana, pada bulan itu sendiri. Ketika bulan terus berada dekat dengan matahari, bulan akan menjadi merah, semerah d...
  • korea
  • siwon
  • sifany
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My Maid is My Wife:MMiMW (Baekhyun's Fanfiction) by xnnx_glxy
My Maid is My Wife:MMiMW (Baekhyun... by sn.glxy
She is my wife but I treated her like a slave. When she's gone, I realised that, I miss her, I love her, But it's too late. BaekYeon Fanfiction Presented by: xnnx_...
  • exo
  • baekyeon
  • kris
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The Nerd Who Stole My Heart (A Marcel/Harry Styles Fan Fiction) by alyssangranato
The Nerd Who Stole My Heart (A Mar... by Alyssa
Alyssa starts off her junior year of school a lot differently than she planned when she meets a geek named Marcel.
  • harry
  • tiffany
  • perfect
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There Is Destiny  by Kim_RoyalFamily
There Is Destiny by Kim Hwang
Semua bermula ketika aku melihatmu di taman itu. Wajahmu tak akan bisa aku lupakan.
  • hwangmiyoung
  • taeyeon
  • taeny
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Taeyeon & Tiffany by TaeNyKimHwang09
Taeyeon & Tiffany by CRG! ♓️
Siempre hay chicas malas y buenas. Tiffany es una de las buenas: siempre obedeciendo a sus padres, a sus amigos y a todo lo que se espera de ella. Sus secretos siempre...
  • snsdgirlsgeneration
  • hwangmiyoung
  • seohyun
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Brother ? by Waibiyas
Brother ? by YB_Iyas
Cast : Kim Taeyeon, Tiffany Hwang, Jessica Jung, Kwon Yuri etc Genben Fan fiction Takdir yang membawamu dan cinta yang menyatukan kita kembali
  • tiffany
  • snsd
  • fftaeny
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The Ice Has Melted by kimsoyoung_
The Ice Has Melted by KimKim
They have different past, They are different types of person, 100% different from each other Met in a coincidence, Between random things and action, Why must we met in...
  • genderbender
  • snsd
  • tiffany
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Flashdrive ¦ (Completed) by TaenyMushroom
Flashdrive ¦ (Completed) by f
It all started from a flashdrive 🍃 • Episoltary / Texting. • Warning: contents may have too much swearing • #80 in Fanfiction 051417 • COMPLETED - 052117
  • taeny
  • taeyeon
  • randomshortstory
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SNSD Smut by taetaelovespany
SNSD Smut by βץυηȾαℇƒυȴ
The title say it all. Just enjoy and have fun!
  • taeyeon
  • girlgroup
  • hyoyeon
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The Graffiti Artist by steffy_t
The Graffiti Artist by steff
By day, Tiffany Wong is your classic A-Grade student living up to her stereotype. By night, she's a casual law-breaking graffiti artist and nothing can stop her. Excep...
  • australia
  • thegraffitiartist
  • ellis
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You are My Alter ego 💞 👭 💕  by Eunyeon89Taeny
You are My Alter ego 💞 👭 💕 by May Yan (Zhang Yu Xiang)
Taeny 💞 ပထမဆံုးမို႔ အမွားပါရင္​ ဝန္​တာမိ ☺ Thz ya!
  • jessica
  • taeny
  • yuri
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You Give Me Butterflies by EdlynMatalcero
You Give Me Butterflies by EdlynMatalcero
Credits: Dookong
  • tiffany
  • taeny
  • fanfic
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[TAENYFic] Accidental Love (completed) by moonlight_kim
[TAENYFic] Accidental Love (comple... by Moonlight
Description Dr Hwang met the bike racer Kim Taeyeon. Love start from an accident? Will it be good start? Will their love ends well?
  • taeny
  • taeyeon
  • romance
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PURE LOVE (taeny) by danshinqueen_ss
PURE LOVE (taeny) by H
FOR SONE, LOCKSMITHS, TAENY, YULSIC, SHIPPERS, THIS IS A SNSD FANFICTION. This story is not mine. Credits to its rightful owner, a malaysian girl with a username gg9snsd...
  • fanfiction
  • tiffany
  • sone
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My Bad Boy {Griff X Reader} by Its_Lunaaa
My Bad Boy {Griff X Reader} by ♥Luna♥
(Y/N) Taylor is a normal trouble maker. Griff Jones is a delinquent. They meet and love starts to blossom. Will something or someone brake them apart?
  • hazel
  • kikiwaka
  • xander
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Fake Boyfriend (TaeNy's Fanfic) by B00000000
Fake Boyfriend (TaeNy's Fanfic) by Boooooooo
Oh yeah might as well post it here ^^ Taeyeon is involved on Tiffany's plan to spy her boyfriend who Tiffany herself assumes cheating behind her back. By turning themsel...
  • taeyeon
  • snsd
  • friendship
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50/50 by TaenyMushroom
50/50 by f
Tiffany Hwang is a therapist. One day, Taeyeon unexpectedly went to Tiffany's office...but who is Taeyeon? Does she have problems that is in need of Tiffany's help? What...
  • taenyfic
  • kpop
  • girlsgeneration
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One Word, Two Syllables by Kkabyulism
One Word, Two Syllables by Ara
One hard truth can change everything. Tiffania Santos lived in a simple and perfect life, perpekto para sakaniya ang buhay niya. Hindi man pinalad sa karangyaan ay pinal...
  • family
  • tiffany
  • kkabyulism
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