Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars Imagines/One Shots by JustAnotherSmut
Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars... by JustAnotherSmut Fanfiction
Exactly what the title says, this is literally just Jared And Shannon Leto Imagines. These are a lot more innocent (not like smut/fluff, that's on the other story) and j...
Hurricane | Jared Leto | Social Media | #Wattys2017 by celestialluna2
Hurricane | Jared Leto | Social Me... by Mrs. Leto Fanfiction
Alessa Danford is a model and singer. What if one day she goes on set and meets Jared Leto? What will happen between the two? Social Media Jared Leto/OC Quick short chap...
Jared Leto Imagines✔️ by archieandrrews
Jared Leto Imagines✔️ by 💓 Fanfiction
I love him, so why not? Imagines, Updates, Gifs, images, videos of the one and only - Jared Leto💪🏼
Can't Help but Love You  by lalanababe
Can't Help but Love You by x Fanfiction
Story of how Jared and Margot meet on set of Suicide Squad and without knowing it, fall in love.
the kill. [WILL GRAHAM] by madsisdaddy_
the kill. [WILL GRAHAM] by eat the rude Fanfiction
come break me down bury me bury me i am finished with you. 'i thought i was okay, i thought that if i was to ignore....this' will said pointing up to his mind. 'if i w...
Forever yours by jokers_harleyxxx
Forever yours by Leann Fanfiction
Jared and Nicole, friends and ex lovers. Will filming bring these two back together?
Love game by jokers_harleyxxx
Love game by Leann Fanfiction
Honest to God, I will break your heart, tear you to pieces and rip you apart
Mr. Superstar and Lonely Girl (rewriting soon!) by Crystal23xx
Mr. Superstar and Lonely Girl (rew... by Crystal Fanfiction
Based off an article I had read about Jared Leto. Credit: Popdust /// Mr. Superstar aka Jared Leto. Heartthrob, rockstar, academy award winner for best supportin...
JARED Leto Imagines  by falleR5
JARED Leto Imagines by FalleR5 Fanfiction
My Jared Leto Imagines. I'll just post once in a while when I have random ideas. You can read my Jared Fanfiction, it's on my profile and it's called: "Valentina&qu...
The Video. {a Jared Leto Fanfiction} by adoringleto
The Video. {a Jared Leto Fanfictio... by danna! Fanfiction
Jared x Reader. It all started when you sent in that video. The video that changed your whole life.
Jared Leto Imagines by Willow4287
Jared Leto Imagines by Willow4287 Fanfiction
You and the amazing lead singer and actor Jared Leto! Requests are always open!
Psychopath • JL by archieandrrews
Psychopath • JL by 💓 Mystery / Thriller
One girl is faced with a choice to pick one brother over the other. Who would know that when she picks one of them that the other would become a psychotic drug dealer? R...
Forbidden Love ~ A Jared Leto Fanfic by Sexualleto
Forbidden Love ~ A Jared Leto Fanf... by Jen ~ Fanfiction
Just another complicated love story.
Livre Fictif // Jared Leto by maggotzombie
Livre Fictif // Jared Leto by homicidal queen Fanfiction
Compilation of stories from requests and disconnected ideas of fanfictions. It will not be updated frequently and may or may not have smut, therefore each chapter will h...
Jared Leto One shots 💕 by HelloJL
Jared Leto One shots 💕 by HelloJL Fanfiction
Imagines of the man himself 😍 Jared Joseph Leto 😘
Hurricane by HURRICANE_LIFE Fanfiction
I guess I won't write a description I will let you read ;)
kik // j. leto by sickiplier
kik // j. leto by aj Fanfiction
new message from j.j.leto hey, you're beautiful 😍
forever and always: sequel to its always been you by jokers_harleyxxx
forever and always: sequel to its... by Leann Fanfiction
Shannon and Dallas are about to become parents and their getting married. Lets see what fate has in store for these two love birds
Jared Leto/Joker Imagines by harrys-laugh
Jared Leto/Joker Imagines by 🌻🌞💛 Random
*REQUESTS NEEDED!!!* just a bunch of lil' imagines and one shots of jared leto and his joker. i hope y'all enjoy!! comment your name, or give me story ideas and i'll wri...
Stay With Me by TheMarsLife
Stay With Me by Chaosinmymind Fanfiction
Britney is a single aunt taking care of her nieces after their parents die. She tries to hide her pain and move on with her life ever since she lost her best friend, her...