Live Like A Dream by Broken_But_Free
Live Like A Dreamby Broken_But_Free
Evelyn couldn't believe what was happening, and he was going to be in her apartment in less than fifteen minutes. She has to tell him the truth, but will this the end of...
  • fluff
  • imagine
  • imagines
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I Know Him As Jared by Fangirlinggirl10
I Know Him As Jaredby Iron Maiden
"Love grows more tremendously full, swift, poignant, as the years pass." - Zane Grey A British model. An American singer. She'...
  • shannon
  • girlfriend
  • model
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Closer To The Edge by thepromiseofanend
Closer To The Edgeby thepromiseofanend
  • thirtysecondstomars
  • fanfiction
  • jaredletofanfiction
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Hot & Bothered (Jared Leto Fanfiction) by JustAnotherSmut
Hot & Bothered (Jared Leto Fanfict...by JustAnotherSmut
[MATURE WARNING 18+] You are hired as a camerawoman to capture Jared Leto's life for a new documentary, and things get out of hand very quickly when emotions and lust ar...
  • 30stm
  • fluffandsmut
  • smutwarning
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The Life We Share  by Perfect_read21
The Life We Share by Shirlcrow
⚠️FUTURE CHAPTERS WILL BE EXTREMELY MATURE SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK⚠️ RATED R⚠️ "I'm just here for the children." "I know that." "You pay me to...
  • jaredletofanfiction
  • echelonarmy
  • echelonfamily
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Jared Leto One Shots // {REQUESTS OPEN} by mrscloe2579
Jared Leto One Shots // {REQUESTS...by Darce
Jared Leto One Shots
  • love
  • fluff
  • jaredleto
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Philautia  || Amour Éternel Series BOOK ONE || by SavannahElyse
Philautia || Amour Éternel Series...by Savannah Elyse
***BOOK ONE OF AMOUR ÈTERNEL SERIES*** Philautia: /fɪˈlɔːtɪə/ NOUN Positive = High esteem, self compassion. Negative = Self-love; self-conceit; undue regard for oneself...
  • shannonleto
  • actress
  • musician
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Love Is Madness by lovelyleto
Love Is Madnessby lovelyleto
Emma Clay is a 29-year-old girl who moved to Los Angeles to start a new chapter in her life. She and Jared Leto meet at a party, but they didn't expect that it will turn...
  • 30stm
  • leto
  • lovestory
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Behind the Lights by Perfect_read21
Behind the Lightsby Shirlcrow
"Your voice carries." He says his body stretched out over my bed. "Don't you have your own room?" "I do." "I have no idea...
  • 30stm
  • jaredleto
  • thirtysecondstomars
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The Affair  by Perfect_read21
The Affair by Shirlcrow
When married meets single, when temptation trumps faith, you get a dangerous mix. Delia Quincy steps in for a coworker when all hell breaks loose. With a strong will and...
  • 30stm
  • 30secondtomars
  • jaredleto
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Sophomore Year || Parenthood Series, Book One || WATTYS 2018 by SavannahElyse
Sophomore Year || Parenthood Serie...by Savannah Elyse
Jared Leto lives the perfect life: freedom to do whatever (and whomever) he wants. But all of that changes when he learns that he has a teenage daughter. Suddenly, Jared...
  • jaredleto
  • parenthood
  • 30secondstomars
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Twisted - Tangled Limbs Sequel (Shannon Leto Fanfiction) by Lonecypress
Twisted - Tangled Limbs Sequel (Sh...by Kyra Mathews
Fate brings Missi and Shannon together again in the second story of the Tangled Limbs series. Twists and turns complicate their lives as was the norm last time around. A...
  • romance
  • 30secondstomars
  • rockstar
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Love and Other Trouble {Shannon Leto} by linala92
Love and Other Trouble {Shannon Le...by linala92
To love somebody, who actually doesn't know it, isn't as good as you think. Trapped in the friendzone Kayla tries to live her life with the man she loves. Will it be a h...
  • mars
  • 30stm
  • jared
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Home for Christmas • {Shannon Leto} by -bxckybarnes
Home for Christmas • {Shannon Leto}by •b r i t t a n y•
Zane Weston reluctantly comes home for Christmas. Accidentally, she ends up reconnecting with the person she hated the most in high school. To her surprise, he seems t...
  • thirtysecondstomars
  • fic
  • christmas
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Untouchable ~ A Jared Leto/MARS Fanfiction by KGreenwood
Untouchable ~ A Jared Leto/MARS Fa...by K Greenwood
When her paranoid, violent ex-husband gains custody of their eleven year old daughter Shelby, Lanie McCarty knows she has no choice but to rescue her child, flee Minneso...
  • jaredleto
  • jared
  • 30stm
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Text Message Imagines by mechanical_wifey
Text Message Imaginesby Anna
Text Message Imagines with various celebrities and fictional characters. Fluff, Smut, Funny, Angst, everything your heart desires. You can request with a name and...
  • 30stm
  • kpop
  • lukehemmings
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Lab Rat // Niander Wallace x Reader by BebLovesLoki
Lab Rat // Niander Wallace x Readerby Beb
He was a heartless, cold blooded, sadistic man who killed without a second thought. She was just a thing he made, one of millions of his replicants. She somehow learned...
  • jaredletoxreader
  • joker
  • 30stm
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Destination Mars by MissCalamiity
Destination Marsby Calamiity
The one and only Camp Mars hosted by the infamous 30 seconds to Mars. It was just supposed to be a 3 day trip to California to experience the hype of Camp Mars, but what...
  • jaredletofanfic
  • camp
  • jaredletofanfiction
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Hurricane • {Shannon Leto} by -bxckybarnes
Hurricane • {Shannon Leto}by •b r i t t a n y•
There isn't anything better than the first few hits of the drums at a rock show. That shit's basically scientific fact. Nothing will make you feel more alive, more empow...
  • 30secondstomars
  • rock
  • music
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Remedy | memy cz.3 by Natka0604
Remedy | memy cz.3by Natka0604
Trzecia część memów z członkami zespołu Thirty Seconds To Mars oraz naszą cudowną rodziną zwaną Echelon'em. Od 03.09.2018 do...
  • 30secondstomars
  • tomomilicevic
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