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The Set Up by shockweb93
The Set Upby shockweb93
This is before the Suicide Squad even started. Before the Joker met Harley. What happens when he meets a simple bartender with guts that keeps his attention? Will certai...
  • gothman
  • thejoker
  • jaredleto
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I guess I won't write a description I will let you read ;)
  • 30secondstomars
  • jaredleto
  • leto
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The Joker Imagines by Harley---Quinn
The Joker Imaginesby Heathen Harley
♚Property of Joker♚ These imagines won't kill you. But they may hurt you really, really bad.
  • suicidesquad
  • jaredleto
  • imagine
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Jared Leto Imagines  by hiddleston_1996
Jared Leto Imagines by hiddleston_1996
Because Jared Is A Handsome Man I Thought I Should Write A Book. 💕
  • jared
  • fanfiction
  • leto
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Titan Hero by MarvinWenzel
Titan Heroby Marvin Wenzel
Percy Jackson the saviour of Olympus, the bane of monsters and the unbeatable hero was gone. He left the place he called home because he had no purpose there. He left be...
  • pertemis
  • powerful
  • artemis
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A Kiss that Lasted a Thousand seconds (Jared Leto Fiction/non-fiction) by voIClesS_ThOughTs
A Kiss that Lasted a Thousand seco...by Miss. S
A story for My older sister. About her first 30 seconds to mars concert with some fantasy idea's in it for her. so its non-fiction and fiction at the same time. lol! S¥
  • jared
  • leto
  • fiction
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Marry Me, Bury Me by lpa7xboifoREVer
Marry Me, Bury Meby Flamery Blurs
Tomo, Shannon and Jared are staying in a hotel, waiting for the upcoming show in it. Tomo, that just got married, cannot wait to meet his wife, but after the show, the w...
  • tomo
  • mars
  • time
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Joker Snapchat Filter😂 by Blondie_590917
Joker Snapchat Filter😂by Mack-N-Cheese
I bought a Joker tank top a while back, felt the urge to try Snapchat filters on it and it worked😂😂
  • suicidesquad
  • leto
  • 30secondstomars
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Zindík x Niko by Dixie_123
Zindík x Nikoby Lžička
Fan fikce pro Zindíka 11 a pro jeho moderátorku Levi-san
  • jihlava
  • 25
  • tabor
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The Truth by totaldreamer_86
The Truthby Samantha
  • dairy
  • diary
  • mars
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Goddess and the Hunter; The Forbidden Love by RoseMGottschalk
Goddess and the Hunter; The Forbid...by A Smoll Oda’Saka
Greek Mythology Adapted By Rose M. Gottschalk There was the God family, which lived Twins and their parents. The couple was blessed a girl and a boy. One named Diana an...
  • diana
  • love
  • orion
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Convergence {ON HOLD} by lolJCtho
Convergence {ON HOLD}by ₪ ø lll·o.
{ON HOLD} Shannon Leto. The extremely talented drummer for the world famous band, Thirty Seconds to Mars. But, he's also an alcoholic and a drug addict. Emily Dunham. A...
  • rehab
  • leto
  • fanfiction
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Elle - music, love and friendship (A Jack Rock Novel) by ArethaVGueds
Elle - music, love and friendship...by ArethaVG
Elle - music, love and friendship (A Jack Rock Novel) At fourteen, Elle had a perfect life with loving parents, a happy home and her neighbor and the best friend, Chris...
  • elle
  • arethavguedes
  • friend
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Randomness by freakylicious
Randomnessby .
I'll update here things that are on my mind. It could be funny, meant or only random xD Maybe I'm going to post something about my besties here on Wattpad.❤️ idk
  • witzig
  • creative
  • fandom
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My Diary by nizzyland
My Diaryby nizzyland
A high school girl moves from California to Mississippi with her mom a and sister. Where she has no friends so she decides that if she gets a diary it will help her. But...
  • leto
Night Owl. by -Something-Wicked-
Night Owl.by -Something-Wicked-
Awake in the night. Working as usual, biting back the well deserved comments just so money gets passed around without a hitch... Fucking Night.
  • jared
  • joker
  • squad
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《Miss Manager》 by RoczenChick94
《Miss Manager》by 🔪🖤🔪
What happens when Alaya gets the job as 30 Seconds to Mars' manager?
  • milicevic
  • secret
  • jared
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