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Violent Desire by lovelyleto
Violent Desireby lovelyleto
She is his assistant. He is a well-known actor and musician, but he is also her boss. They've known each other for years, and there is nothing more than friendship betwe...
  • mars
  • leto
  • tomomilicevic
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Hephaestion- Survivor by lorraine_r
Hephaestion- Survivorby lorraine_r
Hephaestion x Reader He's the greatest general macedonian's army ever had and the best friend of the king himself. She's a princess forced to take the power in spite of...
  • echelon
  • jaredletoimagine
  • hephaestion
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Imagine... A Short Jared Leto Fanfiction by FirstLove_Stories18
Imagine... A Short Jared Leto Dawson
This is just a small Fan fiction/ Imagine. Hope you enjoy it. I will add on with more short stories/fan fictions/imagines if you'd like. I'm up for ideas just message me...
  • mars
  • jlimagine
  • shannonleto
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- Jared Leto Imagines - by letosbabe
- Jared Leto Imagines -by E.
Rescue me from the lovers in my life.
  • fantasy
  • 30secondstomars
  • mystery
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FROZEN LOVE by echelon_charlene
FROZEN LOVEby charlie
Jared falls for a girl that turns out to be the girl of his dreams after a big accident.
  • jaredleto
  • shannonleto
  • tomomilicevic
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Lost Hearts by lovelyleto
Lost Heartsby lovelyleto
Lily and Jared have been together for years. Their love was stronger than anything else, and they thought that nothing could ever destroy that. But one day changed every...
  • tomomilicevic
  • shannonleto
  • pregnancy
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Hurricane | Jared Leto | Social Media  by celestialluna2
Hurricane | Jared Leto | Social Mrs. Leto
Alessa Danford is a model and singer. What if one day she goes on set and meets Jared Leto? What will happen between the two? Social Media Jared Leto/OC Quick short chap...
  • socialmedia
  • romance
  • articles
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Boulevard of Dreams by cheriedevereaux
Boulevard of Dreamsby cheriedevereaux
He's not her type and she's certainly not his, but a chance meeting between a cultured interior designer and the drummer for an up and coming rock band results in an une...
  • thirtysecondstomars
  • jaredleto
  • echelon
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Hadedrodite (A Short Story)  by webstermoon10
Hadedrodite (A Short Story) by webstermoon
( COMPLETED) A short story of Hadedrodite daughter of Hades and Aphrodite.
  • fictional
  • hades
  • fantasy
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Family Affair by pammiem
Family Affairby Pammie
Rori is making a name for herself in show business all on her own. However she has a secret about her family which she would rather keep hidden. Not because she is asham...
  • shannonleto
  • jaredleto
  • 30stm
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What would you do if you had the chance to mee the one person that's been inspiting you for years? Well, I can tell you what I did. My name's Kayla ... and the story tha...
  • thirty
  • jared
  • beautiful
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Vindicta by I-am-the-Sage
Vindictaby I-am-the-Sage
I highly recommend that you listen the song before or during. The version of this song that originally inspired me is currently on Jared Leto's instagram.
  • jaredletoxreader
  • fantasy
  • readerxcharacter
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Renascence by btsxncttrash
Renascenceby btsxncttrash
The city of Seoul has awakened to a new dawn of hierarchy after a vicious struggle for power breaks out, wiping out the majority of the human population. After decades o...
  • alternateuniverse
  • nctlucas
  • echelon
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short tell , means alot by BonanZaSD
short tell , means alotby BonanZa SD
  • love
  • echelon
  • power
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Echelon by BrixterLeyva
Echelonby Brixter Leyva
I dont speak for my self alone , Lord help me to speak for my self .
  • echelon
A Kiss that Lasted a Thousand seconds (Jared Leto Fiction/non-fiction) by voIClesS_ThOughTs
A Kiss that Lasted a Thousand Miss. S
A story for My older sister. About her first 30 seconds to mars concert with some fantasy idea's in it for her. so its non-fiction and fiction at the same time. lol! S¥
  • echelon
  • leto
  • fan
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30STM One Shots by ZombieOnMars
30STM One Shotsby ZombieOnMars
Just some one shots about my favorite band Thirty Seconds To Mars :)
  • echelon
  • oneshots
  • tomomilicevic
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The Best She Claimed And More by MadeByCubbins
The Best She Claimed And Moreby MadeByCubbins
You're probably not wondering who I am nor would you even care what my life is composed of, but since you're already spending a good eight to ten seconds reading on what...
  • echelon
  • fanfiction
  • jaredleto
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kik // j. leto by sickiplier
kik // j. letoby haz-chan
new message from j.j.leto hey, you're beautiful 😍
  • media
  • thirtysecondstomars
  • kik
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