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Closer to the Edge • {Shannon & Jared Leto} by -bxckybarnes
Closer to the Edge • {Shannon & Ja...by •love•the•void•
Natalia Evans is Thirty Seconds to Mars' new tour manager. Going into it, she has no idea who they even are. The longer she's around the wonderful funny Leto brothers, t...
  • shannon
  • drummer
  • jaredleto
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Come Break Me Down by thepromiseofanend
Come Break Me Downby thepromiseofanend
While Jared is filming SS his girlfriend gets to experience the joker in their every day life.
  • 30stm
  • smuttyfanfic
  • thirtysecondstomars
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Do You Really Want Me? by thepromiseofanend
Do You Really Want Me?by thepromiseofanend
  • 30stm
  • thirtysecondstomars
  • dirtystory
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Kill Your Ego  by thepromiseofanend
Kill Your Ego by thepromiseofanend
  • thirtysecondstomars
  • 30stm
  • dirtystory
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Picture Of You by xofunpoison
Picture Of Youby xofunpoison
Margot is just a simple girl who happens to love art and photography, and wanna live up her dreams in the city of angels. just as she started living in there and entere...
  • karenfukuhara
  • caradelevigne
  • thirtysecondstomars
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Marry Me, Bury Me by lpa7xboifoREVer
Marry Me, Bury Meby Flamery Blurs
Tomo, Shannon and Jared are staying in a hotel, waiting for the upcoming show in it. Tomo, that just got married, cannot wait to meet his wife, but after the show, the w...
  • thirty
  • tomo
  • time
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Gerard what are you doing? || CRACK FIC by FittyInTheVillage
Gerard what are you doing? || CRAC...by who goes there
An eventful evenin in da ghetto
  • crack
  • way
  • squid
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The Voice Of Lucifer (Jared Leto Fanfic) by MarieCalder98
The Voice Of Lucifer (Jared Leto F...by Mel Park
What happens when someone already has your life planned for you but the thing is he's always watching you, you can't run from him. Him you should ask he's the man the k...
  • tomomilicevic
  • supernatural
  • evil
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Yowzah Song oneshot by sosoane1
Yowzah Song oneshotby sosoane1
DW Yowzah Fanfiction. Series of one shot inspired by various songs. Suggest song at will Songs used: -Lifeline from Papa Roach -Runaway from The Killers -I bet my life f...
  • 30stm
  • paparoach
  • riversong
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I will meet you in my dreams by thecinnamonrose
I will meet you in my dreamsby 🥀sara
"What if everything you've been fighting for until now crashes right in front of you? What if the answer was always there, but you never felt it? What if the world...
  • fanfiction
  • thirtysecondstomars
  • jaredleto
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A Brave New World. by ThatsHowTheStoryGoes
A Brave New World.by ThatsHowTheStoryGoes
"What is a life without you?"
  • shannonleto
  • alexander
  • farrelleto
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Imagine.. A Late Night Call With Jared Leto by imaginejaredleto
Imagine.. A Late Night Call With J...by The first element in the peri...
When the distance between you and Jared gets too much whilst he's on tour, a phone call was really all you needed.. *Hiya guys, sorry I haven't wrote in months. I had a...
  • thirtysecondstomars
  • 30secondstomars
  • jaredletofanfiction
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Immortal Enemies  by AlanahAustin
Immortal Enemies by PastelReading
He lost everything. His brother had gone missing, his guardian angel has gone MIA. How worse can Dean Winchester's life get? Well let a rockstar/actor do that job.
  • deanwinchester
  • castiel
  • thirtysecondstomars
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WHEN A GUN AND A SWORD UNITEby minyoory bbd...
Isang babaeng ubod ng ganda at ubod ng yaman ang siyang reyna ng isang grupo ng mafia,,,siya ay sikat sa kanilang school na ang pangalan ay Greyford University ,sila din...
  • payzer
  • payback
  • payday
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Convergence {ON HOLD} by lolJCtho
Convergence {ON HOLD}by ₪ ø lll·o.
{ON HOLD} Shannon Leto. The extremely talented drummer for the world famous band, Thirty Seconds to Mars. But, he's also an alcoholic and a drug addict. Emily Dunham. A...
  • music
  • shannonleto
  • 30secondstomars
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Mr. Superstar and Lonely Girl (rewriting soon!) by Crystal23xx
Mr. Superstar and Lonely Girl (rew...by Crystal
Based off an article I had read about Jared Leto. Credit: Popdust /// Mr. Superstar aka Jared Leto. Heartthrob, rockstar, academy award winner for best supportin...
  • romance
  • lonelygirl
  • thirtysecondstomars
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