Pawn ☞ ImmortalHD au by filthyjoon
Pawn ☞ ImmortalHD au by ✨ H E R✨ Fanfiction
pawn \ˈpȯn, ˈpän\ noun: A person used by others for their own purposes.
Texting ||NovaHD|| by k-chouko
Texting ||NovaHD|| by k-chouko Fanfiction
Aleksandr had nothing better to do. He was bored. He goes onto Omegle, a 'chat with strangers' website, to see if anyone had anything interesting to converse about. To s...
TheCreatureHub/Cow Chop Preferences by heavydirtyseamus
TheCreatureHub/Cow Chop Preferences by JENNA MARIE™ Fanfiction
the creatures are cool so i made preferences about them // Language Warning //
downpour // immortalhd by intern-hoe
downpour // immortalhd by keara Fanfiction
He always found a way to me when it rained.
Exchanging glances {NovaHD}✓ by thenice95
Exchanging glances {NovaHD}✓ by (s) a s s q u e e n Fanfiction
James never really thought about Aleks in another way than being his best friend. But when Aleks and James suddenly are left alone after a stream in the creature house t...
Jordan Fisher imagines by Crystalstars24
The List ≫ Uberhaxornova by fairly_winchester
The List ≫ Uberhaxornova by ms. flack Fanfiction
|aka how Mandi and I are going to rule the world| In which two Internet friends compose a list of things to do when and if they meet.
Target ≫SSOHPKC AU by sleepingwithseamus
Target ≫SSOHPKC AU by Caitlin ^-^ Fanfiction
"Welcome to Target, how can I help you?"
Car Radio » ImmortalHD by -truce
Car Radio » ImmortalHD by donnie Fanfiction
❝Sometimes, quiet is violent.❞ Having your car radio be stolen is something that could tear anyone up- but it's even worse for Caitlin. She needs her music to cope throu...
Tattoos || Immortalhd by creaturekiann
Tattoos || Immortalhd by megann ☾ Fanfiction
Meredith Ivanov is a 24 year old girl born and raised in Russia. A You-tuber and Old High School friends with Aleksandr Marchant better known as ImmortalHD. They were fr...
The Creatures Preferences by TwistedRavens
The Creatures Preferences by Raven Romance
This is my first time writing preferences I hope you guys like it! I am also including former creatures like Eddie, Seamus, ect. I couldn't help it I miss them to much...
Losing [ novahd ] by novahdiIdo
Losing [ novahd ] by novahdildo Fanfiction
"There's no one to blame here but yourself. He didn't lead you on. It was all in your head."
Reasons Why >> ImmortalHD *On Hold* by AALovell
Reasons Why >> ImmortalHD *On Hold* by Raider Fanfiction
'Reason Number 1 The day we met.'
YouTuber Imagines x One Shots x Preferences by uberhaxcrnova
YouTuber Imagines x One Shots x Pr... by cassandra marchant Fanfiction
typical preferences with one shots/imagines written by yours truly. from cow chop to the creatures, to dan and phil to jordan maron, i've got you covered. (the first few...
NovaHD OneShots by SuperCat70
NovaHD OneShots by Alexandra or Alex Fanfiction
This is my first fanfic sort of book and it's just little story's that I randomly make up about NovaHD with Aleks and James! This is my absolute favorite ship! Some will...
I Tried - |immortalhd| by LittleMeLaLa
I Tried - |immortalhd| by Scar Fanfiction
"I tried to find love, and when I did, it was taken away." He looked up at her through his lashes. "Why should I try again?"
Creature Imagines by PyroInfinite
Creature Imagines by Pyro Fanfiction
Book of random Stories, where you can Imagine yourself with some of the Creatures!! I will put Sly/Seamus/and previous creatures, too except for Gassy (Only because I ca...
Sweet Critters (Creature AU) by Talek720-Weirdos4lyf
Sweet Critters (Creature AU) by Laura & Vanessa Fanfiction
In a world, where everything is naturally sweet and colorful, what happens when jealousy and alliances take over, will the world be able to withstand the constant battle...
SlyPKC | Oneshot Series by Punkseamoose
SlyPKC | Oneshot Series by Punkseamoose Fanfiction
A series of Oneshots dedicated to SlyPKC, friendship or romantic *on going series relatively fast updates*
Welcome To The Games (A YouTube Fanfic) by StrayGaming
Welcome To The Games (A YouTube Fa... by Stray Fanfiction
Stray receives a letter that allows her to go to a place where people rebel against the laws, where people go and fight for freedom. The Laws have become harsh and horri...