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The Rabbit And The Fox by islapmofos
The Rabbit And The Foxby islapmofos
He hated how the older man stared at him, like he was a piece of meat. Like he was a rabbit and Eddie was the fox.
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  • xxslyxx
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Immortalfox (smut!!!) by Linkgirl23
Immortalfox (smut!!!)by Yesmi Lima
  • immortalfox
  • slyfox
  • immortalhd
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OneShots (Closed) by QuietButDeadly
OneShots (Closed)by QuietButDeadly
Here is where I will be posting all of the oneshots that I write. Enjoy!
  • omega
  • immortalhd
  • alpha
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You Mean So Much More To Me by fuwafuwausagi
You Mean So Much More To Meby fuwafuwausagi
  • fanfic
  • immortalfox
You're My Everything by islapmofos
You're My Everythingby islapmofos
collection of one shots and drabbles. mostly immortalfox.
  • immortalfox
  • oneshots
  • romance
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12 Days Of Christmas One-Shots by EllieMatlyn
12 Days Of Christmas One-Shotsby Ellie Matlyn
It's cold out, so how about we warm things up?
  • novahd
  • jeamus
  • koova
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creature one shots by Ficion
creature one shotsby Trash bag Extravaganza
Warning these one-shots are SHIT!!! Because when you can't sleep and you don't want to get invested in a story that is never updated you need one shots.
  • jeamus
  • kootrahd
  • immortalfox
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ImmortalFox- A Restart by Stormicorn
ImmortalFox- A Restartby Em
What happens when Aleks moves to an apartment complex in Denver and meets a man named Eddie who coincidentally lives right across from him? Well, lemme tell yah, some cr...
  • immortalfox
  • immortalhd
  • slyfoxhound
YouTuber One Shots by Ianterweb
YouTuber One Shotsby Ianterweb
- insert joke about me not being the first person to do this - Hello? Yes? I am Ian and these kinda suck but hey I am working on it.
  • ssohfox
  • slypkc
  • zeroyalchaos
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I Was Only Trying to Help (ImmortalFox/SCMAnex) by bikergal12
I Was Only Trying to Help ( Biker
This is my first story and it is about Slyfoxhound(Eddie) and ImmortalHD(Aleks) who realize they have feelings for each other after playing a minecraft mini-game. Also t...
  • immortalfox
  • scmanex
  • goldenblackhawk
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Azzy's One-Shot Book by Ace0fCards
Azzy's One-Shot Bookby A Z Z Y
No smut boyxboy, girlxgirl, boyxgirl Includes depression, cutting, etc.
  • mavin
  • daithidecalibre
  • setosolace
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This Is The Story (ImmortalFox) by mylittlecutemuffin
This Is The Story (ImmortalFox)by mylittlecutemuffin
Eddie trys to find out whats hidden under Aleks beanie. When he finds will he accept Aleks for what his hidding for will he act like everyone else.
  • immortalfox
  • immortalhd
  • slyfoxhound
Smut Shots by Sincozy
Smut Shotsby Lukas
Many ships are in this book they range from Reaper76 to Immortalfox to Septiplier but some ships will appear more than others due to me favoring them!
  • jacksepticeye
  • novahd
  • kinks
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Secrets, thongs, and poles by ThaSweetNothings
Secrets, thongs, and polesby Kenzi, Alee , Crystal, em,
  • hailstan
  • makeitrainondemhos
  • stantheantchrist
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Stash of Minecraft One Shots by WaffleGirl15
Stash of Minecraft One Shotsby WaffleGirl15
Minecraft youtuber one shots. Prompts are open for now, and hopefully I can write more one shots cause i miss it a lot.
  • skylox
  • merome
  • skymu
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It All Started With A Bet (BoyxBoy ImmortalFox NiallHD Niam) by Immortal1DHD
It All Started With A Bet ( TheMaskedFans
I couldn't help if this had went from a terrible bet punishment, to me liking a guy from a boy band.................................... >>><<< I couldn...
  • slyfoxhound
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  • direction
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My Strengh Is You by fuwafuwausagi
My Strengh Is Youby fuwafuwausagi
Cover by: ShadowedLove97
  • immortalhd
  • slyfoxhound
  • immortalfox
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Oneshots, Fic previews, and Important updates. [OLD] by ShadowedLove97
Oneshots, Fic previews, and Flo
Just a bunch of one-shots, fanfic updates, and fanfic previews.
  • tomanex
  • zeroyalviking
  • experiments
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