philophobia • shyland (trigger warning 13+) by addictwithnocarradio
philophobia • shyland (trigger war... by i snatched josh Fanfiction
"daddy, do you love ryland?" she asked. i spit my water onto the floor. the little girl with my ocean eyes looked seriously into mine. trying to hold back laug...
Prodigy by EdwardMullen
Prodigy by Edward Mullen Science Fiction
The greatest tragedy the world has ever known turned out to be the ultimate catalyst for change. In the wake of World War III, which decimated most of the world's popula...
What Color is Love? by yuzuruhanyushomauno
What Color is Love? by Shoma marry me Short Story
Lilt whisper castle serendipity love ethereal zephyr
Chameleon by CandaceMJ
Chameleon by Candace MJ Mystery / Thriller
I have three secrets. 1. I'm in the witness protection program. I witnessed my mother's murder when I was eight years old, and now the murderer is after me. 2. I can rea...
❝EASE❞ PHAN by 자 기야 🌹 Fanfiction
❝ TELL ME ALL OF THE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU FEEL AT EASE ❞ one boy sees his whole life in endless colours and another lives his with no emotion. when mixed, they create a...
Synesthesia [Woozi+Hoshi] by -haikutae
Synesthesia [Woozi+Hoshi] by ♡甲斐の妻♡ Fanfiction
"-I see things when I hear things. No one understands." -In which, he tries to escape by writing music, but can't escape from everything by himself-
dear diary⎯poetry by cryxing
dear diary⎯poetry by dee. 🌷 Poetry
dear diary, i'm alive. [highest ranking: #169 in poetry]
Synesthesia by Honor_aliabadi
Synesthesia by Hønør Fanfiction
Tyler has synesthesia, and Josh has a hard time adapting to tyler's form of tongue.
Synesthesia by dreyden_clique
Synesthesia by Dreyden Clique Short Story
Red - Anxiety, Pain Orange - Exposing Yellow - Cheer, Joy Green - Calm Blue - Attracting, Luring Purple - Caring Pink - Cautious Coral - Intricate, Detailed Black - Depr...
My Synesthesia Adventure - The Letter N is Midnight Blue by padavini
My Synesthesia Adventure - The Let... by fire and gold Random
As a synesthete, this is the book of my memoirs and experiences having this rare but AWESOME condition! "Synesthesia [is] a rare neurological condition in which tw...
Colour Me Blue by EmEmWolfie
Colour Me Blue by melissa c. hart Fantasy
Azura Emillie Yu is half Chinese, half French, and half bad at mathematics. She also has synesthesia. Everything is different in Azura's life - until transferring to a n...
yellow cigarettes ♡ j + t by synesthesiajosh
yellow cigarettes ♡ j + t by 🌏アートホー🌏 Fanfiction
in which josh has synesthesia and tyler is the only one who understands.
Ochre | Monsta X Shownu Fanfiction by XhaotixAesthetica
Ochre | Monsta X Shownu Fanfiction by Pandemonia Fanfiction
Aelluice can hear colors. Aelluice likes the number four. Aelluice has violent thoughts that she would never act on but can never turn off. Aelluice was diagnosed with c...
My Colors: My Synesthesia by MeepCritter1942
My Colors: My Synesthesia by Sam R. Non-Fiction
Synesthesia: The ability to hear colors and see smells in music. There are over 60 different types and forms of this neurologic disorder. That's the dictionary version o...
The Forest Fic by OllieDemon
The Forest Fic by OllieDemon Fanfiction
I DO NOT OWN THIS but it is the real story. Its amazing and I don't know who the real author of it is but believe me when I tell you that this fic will hit you hard in t...
↠ For him. ↞ || Phan  by Des_isnotonfire
↠ For him. ↞ || Phan by Des Fanfiction
❧ "Sickeningly sweet like honey, don't need money All I need is you" ❧ Phil is an outgoing high schooler who is pretty popular...
A Curious World by Mizujin
A Curious World by Mizujin Romance
[AU] In a loud world where names have taste, shapes have sounds, and seeing is touching, Edward explores serenity brought by a girl named Maymay. Disclaimer: I have done...
Detailing the Proceedings of a Certain, Very Unfortunate Mishappening by AlexTheAnime
Detailing the Proceedings of a Cer... by Alex B Short Story
We sat in the car, Auntie Burrow and I. I sat in the front passenger seat, and her in the driver's, obviously. It was late at night, and bright lights from stores, lampp...
Synesthesia. by twentyonepiIots
Synesthesia. by ANNIE Poetry
[poetry] it's more than just seeing color, it's feeling it too.