Prodigy by EdwardMullen
Prodigyby Edward Mullen
The greatest tragedy the world has ever known turned out to be the ultimate catalyst for change. In the wake of World War III, which decimated most of the world's popula...
  • heroine
  • future
  • synesthesia
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Synesthetes // Lil Xan by cribabyjay
Synesthetes // Lil Xanby cribabyjay
"Synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or...
  • lilxan
  • fanfiction
  • xanxiety
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Chameleon by CandaceMJ
Chameleonby Candace MJ
I have three secrets. 1. I'm in the witness protection program. I witnessed my mother's murder when I was eight years old, and now the murderer is after me. 2. I can rea...
  • teenfiction
  • fiction
  • synesthesia
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The Forest Fic by liaankaang
The Forest Ficby Kobe Lian
this isn't mine but boy is it good Trigger warnings: Patient/Child/Sexual abuse, suicide
  • twentyonepilots
  • forrestfic
  • joshler
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Hazel (boyxboy) by theindigojackalope
Hazel (boyxboy)by AJ
Otto is a young artist, blowing where the wind takes him in life. He can see sounds, expressed as bursts of color. His art is good, yes, but it's missing a muse. Max is...
  • love
  • synesthesia
  • fluff
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Synesthesia [Woozi+Hoshi] by -haikutae
Synesthesia [Woozi+Hoshi]by ♡甲斐の妻♡
"-I see things when I hear things. No one understands." -In which, he tries to escape by writing music, but can't escape from everything by himself-
  • hozi
  • lee
  • seventeen
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King Team by Annie54433
King Teamby Anya
Follow the superhero origins and adventures of four kids: Light (Mya), Slime Girl (Alex), Fang (Marco), and Lynx (Levi). Light: Her memory is gone. She doesn't know what...
  • color
  • dimensions
  • friendship
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The Census by WhiskeySeattle
The Censusby Caerley
Wake up. Survive. Sleep. Repeat. For the past decade 19-year-old June has known only the daily struggle of survival and seclusion. After the Plagues decimated the human...
  • fiction
  • future
  • june
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syn! ( personal? ) by reouine
syn! ( personal? )by ashly
❝ losing him was blue like id never known ❞ brain do your job, and do it normally this time.
  • diary
  • spam
  • synesthesia
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What Color is Love? by yuzuruhanyushomauno
What Color is Love?by Shoma marry me
Lilt whisper castle serendipity love ethereal zephyr
  • figureskating
  • romance
  • synesthesia
Ochre | Monsta X Shownu Fanfiction by XhaotixAesthetica
Ochre | Monsta X Shownu Fanfictionby Pandemonia
Aelluice can hear colors. Aelluice likes the number four. Aelluice has violent thoughts that she would never act on but can never turn off. Aelluice was diagnosed with c...
  • secretclub
  • badboy
  • compulsivechecking
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yellow ☆ romance by AlynInReleve
yellow ☆ romanceby sunny boy
your skin and bones turn into something beautiful ; two boys walk into an english classroom one just stopped taking his bipolar medication and the other is terribly clos...
  • drugabuse
  • boyxboy
  • bipolar
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Metaphysical Carnival Ride by screamthylastscream
Metaphysical Carnival Rideby Mariela Guerra
Fragments of parallel universes, dreams as real as wakefulness, half remembered thoughts, and impressions of strangers I've come across to.
  • insanity
  • surrealism
  • gothic
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GOLDEN HOUR by zionskuwonhoe
GOLDEN HOURby peachy
now in this book you may find the depths of my heart soul and mind . |credits go to the owner of the cover picture and any other aesthetics and cute shizz in this story
  • girlxboy
  • summer
  • pussythecatwithoutaname
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Heartbeats by sadbeanoli
Heartbeatsby Oli
In this book, two unlikely personalities collide when 20-year old Anavrin Santoya meets 22-year old Lakota Black. The ever-so shy and oblivious Anavrin has a boring life...
  • bisexual
  • lgbt
  • yuri
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Healing Chris Hawthorne by socialnotsocial
Healing Chris Hawthorneby w e i r d o
Quinn suffers from a neurological condition that marks him a target of scorn and mockery. No one ever gave a second thought that he just wanted to help. Chris is smart e...
  • synesthesia
  • highschool
  • bxb
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Intoxication (Arashi Fanfic) by rinji-chan
Intoxication (Arashi Fanfic)by rinji-chan
Ninomiya has the ability to see the color of scents. However, he keeps it as a secret from others, including his boyfriend, Jun. Until, one day, he sees a scent he hasn...
  • ohnosatoshi
  • johnnysentertainment
  • matsumotojun
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Color theory by JemDoe
Color theoryby Jem Doe
Scorpius spoke in red, Albus in blue and Rose in gold, and he wondered why they hadn't done that before.
  • harrypotter
  • synesthesia
  • albusseveruspotter
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Halcyon by CandaceMJ
Halcyonby Candace MJ
[ SEQUEL TO CHAMELEON ] Run. Hide. Stay low. Blend in. Shed your skin and step into someone else's. These are the values I've been taught. But how does one unlearn thing...
  • sciencefiction
  • mindreader
  • witnessprotectionprogram
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synesthesia - ᵃⁿ ᵃᵉˢᵗʰᵉᵗᶦᶜ ᵃⁿᵗʰᵒˡᵒᵍʸ  by hiimlovesick
synesthesia - ᵃⁿ ᵃᵉˢᵗʰᵉᵗᶦᶜ ᵃⁿᵗʰᵒˡᵒ ⱽᵃⁿ ˢᵗᵃʸ
▪ a collection of poems inspired by feelings and other unexplainable things ▪ synesthesia is a condition that happens when a sense, such as sight, triggers another sense...
  • depression
  • teen
  • poem
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