Juliet (Unfinished Novel) by ColorOfLove
Juliet (Unfinished Novel) by Delaney Romance
What happens when a small town girl from America moves to a private school in London? Follow Juliet Rowling as she experiences love, finds out who she really is, allows...
STRAIGHT TO CANADA {JELENA AU} by selenamariebieber
STRAIGHT TO CANADA {JELENA AU} by Selena Marie Bieber Fanfiction
Selena is a nineteen years old Texan teenager who would like to attend Columbia University. In her High School she definitely wasn't the 'it Girl', she doesn't have many...
Who caused it? The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. by Mythicalbeast14
Who caused it? The tragedy of Rome... by Rhett and link lover Random
This was a class assignment and a contest winning essay about who cause Romeo and Juliet to commit suicide.
Shakespear Quotes by fandomsalltheway
Shakespear Quotes by fandomsalltheway Random
Does this even need a description?
Romeo and Juliet by ElenaGilbert
Romeo and Juliet by Elena Fanfiction
Juilet Castrow was a good student always payed attention and was always the hottest girl in school. but during her senior year her parents decide to move to New York and...
Soul Crossed Lovers -{Charisk}- by MegaloStrikeBack
Soul Crossed Lovers -{Charisk}- by MegaloStrikeBack Fanfiction
A FanFiction that is a Crossover between Undertale and Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet characters are replaced by Undertale Characters along with the setting becoming...
Fairy tales Poetry-Unraveling in the once a upon collection~ by nicollettenikki
Fairy tales Poetry-Unraveling in t... by NicolletteNikki Poetry
These will mainly be piece's that are associated with fairy tales, or myths that I'm in love with. Of course in the form of free-verse poetry, so do enjoy this happily e...
Popular quotes • Collage  by 5SoS202
Popular quotes • Collage by I like to read. Random
"There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for" - J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers
Through Foggy Glass by GenesisEncar
Through Foggy Glass by GEN ENCAR General Fiction
When your born you see things, first the blinding light of the hospital cealing lights then the face of the doctor who helped birth you. Suddenly you are raised from whe...