Eight Letters. Three Words.

Eight Letters. Three Words.

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"I do not feel anything towards Dylan Miller."

Leela nodded combing through the messy knots in my hair, "Whatever."

"I'm serious!" 

"Look, just try not to move so much this time," she said, making me feel happy as she dropped the subject.

"And stop blushing too."

- Eight Letters. Three Words.

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smallicedcake smallicedcake Nov 01, 2017
Lmao the stuff that matters to me are the ones that apparently don't matter
lmaoel lmaoel Sep 11, 2017
i remember in 3rd grade when my teacher said our reports were crap and we were so shook
fluffymaniac fluffymaniac Jan 04, 2017
JACK AND JACK - COLD HEARTED WOOOOOO oh im sorry sorry keep going
Womanist_Supreme Womanist_Supreme Jan 02, 2014
Oh yes, and She hit Me.( a personal favorite because I changed the 1-3-2 letter format I was using, despite the apparent violence in the title.
Womanist_Supreme Womanist_Supreme Jan 02, 2014
at first, I thought the title implied I love you, but there are many possibilities!  I hate her/him/ you, I left..., I flee, I hurt... and so on and so forth
AlaskaGold AlaskaGold Jul 13, 2013
                              Sorry, but no. My story is a standalone novel. It's got nothing to do with a story called Three Words and Eight Letters. 
                              - A (: