Boyish love (kakashiXoc) by loversofnaruto
Boyish love (kakashiXoc)by The Kakashi fans
When a kid suddenly appears in the academy.. She is stuck with girls swooning over her, boys envying her and obvious crushes happening on her. But why would girls swoon...
  • team7
  • anime
  • naruto
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I'll Show You Insanity by Demon_D_Raika
I'll Show You Insanityby Demon_D_Raika
Lord Hokage knows of a girl, a young, adorable, incredibly sadistic girl. This girl is in the Asylum For Dangerous Patients, yet he lets her out. He enrolls her in the A...
  • pg15
  • shikaxoc
  • naruto
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Senju Girl (Naruto Fanfic) by PrettyLilyAnime
Senju Girl (Naruto Fanfic)by PrettyLilyAnime
Haru Senju is the only person alive in the ninja world who has a natural wood release. She is the great grandniece of Hashirama and direct great granddaughter to Tobiram...
  • naruto
  • itachi
  • deidara
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Secrets of the Kitsune by Ice_Kitsune4801
Secrets of the Kitsuneby Ice_Kitsune4801
Female Naruto Naruto has many secrets that she'd rather no one ever know (including her gender as many bad things have happened) because she knew that if they found out...
  • bashing
  • sadness
  • sakuraharuno
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The Golden Eyes (A Gaara Fanfic) by HiddenUchiha
The Golden Eyes (A Gaara Fanfic)by Maki
I'm Mayumi. I come from the Suzuki clan. My clan has been cursed with a demonic power. This power has been passed to me. The first female to ever wield such scary po...
  • loneliness
  • gaarafanfiction
  • naruto
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The Uzumaki Siblings《Book 1》 by Shayne_potato
The Uzumaki Siblings《Book 1》by シェイン
2nd Place of Naruto Watty Awards 2017!!! ¤~¤~¤~¤~¤~¤ Top/Highest Rank: #21 In Fanfiction ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ Mizuki Uzumaki Is Naruto's Little Sister, Naruto Was Born Two Years Befo...
  • sasuke
  • shinobi
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A Shinobi's Will by YamchaPlayz
A Shinobi's Willby Yamcha Playz
Naruto is tried of his sensei's not truly helping him. Jiraiya only trains him using the kyuubi chakra, Kakashi never even showing signs of helping, and everyone else ab...
  • fanfiction
  • naruto
Silent genius by Ice_Kitsune4801
Silent geniusby Ice_Kitsune4801
What if Naruto wasn't as dumb as he acts? What if he wasn't as unskilled as he displays himself as? How would Naruto react when he was pushed over board?
  • confused
  • conflicted
  • hurt
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Silence (Naruto FanFiction - Rock Lee love story)  by HappyGoLuckyRainbow
Silence (Naruto FanFiction - HappyGoLuckyRainbow
Kiara is her name, and silence is how she plays. Nobody has ever heard the girl talk, but with a unique Kekkei genkai she is known throughout the students. Girls envy h...
  • sasuke
  • akamaru
  • obito
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Kakashi's Daughter by Sprinklez888
Kakashi's Daughterby Sprinklez888
I'm Miku Hatake. Things I like and things I hate... I don't feel like telling you that. My dreams for the future... never really thought about it. As for my hobbies... I...
  • choji
  • sakura
  • leaf
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voiceless by Slycat99
voicelessby Slycat99
a young girl who was never given a name at birth is held captive for her whole life. locked in a cage and forced to feel pain every day. she lost so much while locked aw...
  • ibiki
  • mute
  • naruto
You're My Everything - Kakashi Hatake x Reader by urbanotaku
You're My Everything - Kakashi Ty ❤
(F/n), Former lab rat belonging to one of the legendary Sannin Orochimaru until she escaped his lair and was found by leaf village ninja. She has gained the trust of man...
  • kakashi
  • anime
  • kakashihatake
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The Hyūga Heiress | Naruto Fanfic by Yuki347
The Hyūga Heiress | Naruto Fanficby Yuki-chan
Waking up in the Hinata Hyūga's body was unexpected. After dying, I never ever would have guess I would have woken up in her body. I had to at least make some changes; t...
  • sasuke
  • naruhina
  • hyugaheiress
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Hating Old People ~ Kakashi's Daughter Naruto Fanfiction by shifty_ghost
Hating Old People ~ Kakashi's Foxghost
I really hate old people, like, more than I hate mushrooms. They're shifty and very misleading. An elderly person can look at you with a kind smile and warm eyes, but un...
  • akatsuki
  • kakashisdaughterfanfic
  • kakashi
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Ibiki's Daughter  by GreatCat-Sama
Ibiki's Daughter by GreatCat-Sama
Adolescence.....a time when we do stupid things that we would probably regret in the future, Ibiki wasn't an exception and now he has a daughter to take care of, but Yuk...
  • jinjuriki
  • konan
  • kisame
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The Forgotten Child of Destiny #wattys2017 by scrletfyre
The Forgotten Child of Destiny elizabeth.vounce
Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze grew up being hated, despised, beaten, and abused all because of what he held within him. The nine tailed demon fox that nearly destroyed the vil...
  • kitsune
  • fanfiction
  • uzumaki
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The Akatsuki's babysitter (Reader insert) by Awesomelemonaids
The Akatsuki's babysitter ( Awesomelemonaids
(Y/n) is a rogue ninja who lives alone in the forest. One day when she was walking home from a nearby village she saw a group of ninja harassing a group of kids. (Y/n) s...
  • deidara
  • itachi
  • readerinsert
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Haven | Senju Tobirama by emsd01
Haven | Senju Tobiramaby E.M.S.D
Haven; a place of comfort, a refuge, a safety. "This is our haven." Akiyama Fay, the child who would one day come to be known as the Blood Shinobi; one...
  • uchiha
  • love
  • naruto
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The Abandoned Child: Naruto Fanfiction by jarodisamazing
The Abandoned Child: Naruto Son of Satan
Minato survived the sealing of the Kyuubi as did Kushina. But after the sealing Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya, and Tsunade take the two younger siblings, Naruko and Menma, aw...
  • femsasuke
  • love
  • obito
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Glass (Kakashi's Sister) (A Naruto Fanfic) by shadythumper
Glass (Kakashi's Sister) (A thumper
Who would have thought that Kakashi Hatake had a younger sister? Rivalling him in skill yet contrasting him in personality, Kazumi Hatake was an emotionless artefact who...
  • tenten
  • sakura
  • sasuke
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