parasitism #namjin by ceoseungri
parasitism #namjin by alek Fanfiction
seokjin is tired of everyone treating him like shit but namjoon can't let him go. © ceoseungri · 2015
Used | jikook by taeddyy
Used | jikook by alex™ Fanfiction
《This trash is ass, but I'm sure you'll still read》 Just read I'm a desperate attention whore -Jimin and Jungkook meet up, first he was a fucboii, now he's a lover- Jiko...
Bunny boy [VKOOK hybrid AU]  by GGUKIEBOY_
Bunny boy [VKOOK hybrid AU] by Nabi♡ Fanfiction
In which Jungkook is a bunny boy who needs a master. ➡started: 170717 // ended: ??? ➡highest rank #312 in fanfiction 171008 ➡vkook / taekook ➡top!tae ; bottom!kook •f...
Ugliest Professor [NamJin] by HobisHearteu
Ugliest Professor [NamJin] by SHOOKimnida Fanfiction
Kim Namjoon is the ugliest professor at Bulletproof University... ...or so they thought. #96 in Fanfiction 170512 #1 in NamJin 170827 #4 in Yoonseok 171026 Managed to st...
N-no more...{VKOOK} Δβ' by imnewtothefandom
N-no more...{VKOOK} Δβ' by imnewtothefandom Fanfiction
"P-please πo more..I can't hold th¡s pa¡π much longer...I βegπot aπyoπe else..." Juπgkook a¢¢¡deπtly have falleπ ¡n love to Tae...
Fat •Jihope• by crestfallenchim
Fat •Jihope• by 한숨 Fanfiction
"I'm full." "You haven't even touched your food." "I just don't feel hungry. . ." ©crestfallenchim
criminals - taekook ⚣ by ULTNAMJIN
criminals - taekook ⚣ by m ❇ Fanfiction
in which jungkook saves taehyung from a life in prison by letting him join his gang. ⌁ started: july 2017 ended: ╳ ©ultnamjin
Contacts  ~ Yoonmin by BUNNYKO0K
Contacts ~ Yoonmin by ✨ Fanfiction
"How long are you going to wear those contacts for?" "Until I know I am the one for him." ** In an alternate universe where your soulmate has the sam...
FOREIGN | MYG + PJM by ¡sara! Fanfiction
❝if you're from the states then how can you speak fluent korean?❞ ❝bitch, do i look like i'm white?❞ © luvlyjinwoo ; all rights reserved #615 in fanfiction | october 4t...
-suga daddy | yoonseok by CosmicTaekook
-suga daddy | yoonseok by -`,☆ Fanfiction
Jung Hoseok is another innocent high schooler who one day runs into Min Yoongi -literally- and finds out the handsome man is actually a multi millionaire. Was he expecti...
Namjin Family by BubbleSkyz
Namjin Family by YourHope <3 Fanfiction
Namjoon and Jin adopted five children after 3 years of marriage. They go through funny, sad, happy moments together. How does it go when things turn upside down? Weekly...
 FANBOY || Taekook by ThiccTaes
FANBOY || Taekook by Tae Tae💫 Fanfiction
⚠️ INSTAGRAM THEMED ⚠️ In which Taehyung is a famous Actor and Jungkook is his #1 Fanboy. [this may be a vkook fic but contains other ships and their own stories too!] ...
Fragments [kookv] by JeonTaeTrash
Fragments [kookv] by JeonTaeTrash Fanfiction
[COMPLETED] "At least one should remember how precious our love was and unfortunately, it's me who remembers everything and you're the one who forgot. Maybe I shoul...
Cold Hearted (Namjin) by blurryfacebrit
Cold Hearted (Namjin) by blurryfacebrit Fanfiction
Jin is forced to be Namjoon's slave because his parents could not repay Namjoon's father the money they owed him. Will Jin be able to stop Namjoon from being cold hearte...
Daddy's Slut {Sinner} Taekook  by AreumTaeBae
Daddy's Slut {Sinner} Taekook by Tae's Bae Fanfiction
"who's slut are you " J.K "I'm daddy's Slut " K.T
Hashtag Yoonmin Is Real by pumpkinofmyeye
Hashtag Yoonmin Is Real by JINius I Am Fanfiction
What if the whole world starts crazily shipping yoonmin because of that one little thing idiot Park Jimin did in an interview of BTS? Or, maybe it was Yoongi's fault. He...
❝ I'm Not Straight ❞ .namjin by booratchaii
❝ I'm Not Straight ❞ .namjin by だってばよ Fanfiction
Kim Seokjin didn't want to transfer school. But when he did, his whole life changed. Highest ranking: #224 in Fan Fiction 8/17/17 [CRINGEY ASF+ TRIPPY STORYLINE+TYPOS...
Can't escape by kits180
Can't escape by kits180 Fanfiction
Taehyung is an omega starting at a new school and is intimidated by alphas but only one that he meets on the first day actually terrifies him to the point he tries avoid...
~Breaking the bad boy~ {taekook} by myGucciAss
~Breaking the bad boy~ {taekook} by papi papillon Fanfiction
Kim Taehyung is the bad boy of his highschool, but when a new transfer student, jeon Jungkook notices Taehyung, will his reputation as a "bad boy" still hold...
The Beauty and The Brains || NamJin ✔️ by KimJoon13
The Beauty and The Brains || NamJi... by - 🄽 - Fanfiction
Where a beauty, befriends a heartless genius who changes his life forever. Started : 07/1/17 Finished :10/27/17 Highest Rank : #828 in fanfiction