Bookworm • namjin • by Seokkinky
Bookworm • namjin •by I’m not a koreaboo
"Is that a hardcover or are you just happy to see me?" Where Jin is a bookworm for Namjoon's books
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Personal Trainer || VKOOK by Btswritings
Personal Trainer || VKOOKby フリダ
"Let's get to it," Jungkook smirked. Where Taehyung's friends makes him work out and get a personal trainer, who happens to be really hot, but also captures Ta...
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Mine;Namjin by jhopeoppatrash
Namjoon is the son of one of the wealthiest corporations CEO and also a very prominent Alpha of the largest ware-clan. Half human/half wolf clan. He is offered up the da...
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Trash 쓰레기 {Yoonmin} (COMPLETED) by gwilwilethgur
Trash 쓰레기 {Yoonmin} (COMPLETED)by Gwilwileth Gur
"Why would you like trash like me?"
  • yoonmin
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  • taehyung
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pretty boy - taejin by SEOKDREAM
pretty boy - taejinby CAIT
he has a rather odd craving for blood. taejin- ongoing.
  • kpop
  • gay
  • adventure
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Cannibal II Yoonmin by king_ciel
Cannibal II Yoonminby Ciel
"So are you a zombie or something?" "No, I just really like the taste of humans." *** Yoonmin and other ships. Portuguese transl...
  • namjin
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Curious  by jhopeoppatrash
Curious by
Kim Seokjin is a twenty year old virgin. Sure, he's been propositioned more times than can count because of his natural beauty but his nervous awkwardness always gets in...
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The Pack | Yoonmin/Taekook by _asmaa_author_
The Pack | Yoonmin/Taekookby Asmaà
Yoongi is the leader of the alpha pack, he is the charismatic wolf whom everyone fears. Jungkook is his sweet younger brother who is kind to everyone. Jimin and Taehyung...
  • wolf
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BodyGuard «NamJin» by SueMeBighit
BodyGuard «NamJin»by † Șierra †
¡hiatus! ____________________ "aren't you coming with me?" The older casually questions, leaning slightly against the entrance of the bathroom "f-for what...
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Abusive by junghoseokue
Abusiveby °·Potato·°
"Please stop! You're hurting me!" "Shut up!" TOP: TAE BOTTOM: HOBI
  • bts
  • seokjin
  • bottomhoseok
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His Husband's Consent ㅡ Taekook by skjnkm
His Husband's Consent ㅡ Taekookby rei 🌻
ㅡ taehyung never truly knew that one day, he would wake up, and eventually regret saying, "I do." [VKOOK]
  • taegi
  • taehyung
  • vkook
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Fell For A Bully?! (NamJin) [Editing] BOOK 1 by TokakuUchihaEvans
Fell For A Bully?! (NamJin) [ Tokaku Uchiha Evans
Jin (POV) "Just stay low and I won't be noticed", is what I told myself when arriving to school. No matter how hard I tried to avoid 'him', I never could. Namj...
  • namjin
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Jiminie Baby | Yoonmin by SugaMintTeaa
Jiminie Baby | Yoonminby ❤윤기 ❤
[COMPLETED]Jimin and Yoongi's bond is deeper than people expect. They learn to live and love by their own rules DDLB book series 1 START: 10/8/17 END: 1/21/18 50k reads...
  • cuteboys
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Learning Obedience | namjin fanfic by vanityproxy
Learning Obedience | namjin fanficby 아가
❝You're mine...❞ ❝Since when?!❞ ❝Since I just bought you.❞ ❝What?!❞ - Kim Seokjin is a disobedient slave whose owner got rid of because of his rebellious attitude, his s...
  • mpreg
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  • rough
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parasitism #namjin by ceoseungri
parasitism #namjinby alek
seokjin is tired of everyone treating him like shit but namjoon can't let him go. © ceoseungri · 2015
  • jin
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Ugliest Professor [NamJin] by HobisHearteu
Ugliest Professor [NamJin]by SHOOKimnida
Kim Namjoon is the ugliest professor at Bulletproof University... ...or so they thought. #96 in Fanfiction 170512 #1 in NamJin 170827 #4 in Yoonseok 171026 Managed to st...
  • sope
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Social |Namjin| by LeviTikus
Social |Namjin|by LeviTikus
Where Jin finds a cute boy on Instagram. Started: 3-23-17 Ended: 5-12-17
  • jin
  • wattys2017
  • namjoon
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Funny How It Works by pumpkinofmyeye
Funny How It Worksby JINius I Am
Park Jimin had never met anyone as obnoxious and jerk as one Min Yoongi. Yes, Jimin might just be a simple waiter. And yes, Min Yoongi might be a rich Department Head...
  • yoonmin
  • wattys2017
  • namjin
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Snapchat (Yoonmin) by XxXMixedLuckXxX
Snapchat (Yoonmin)by Paige
"Nice dick, but you have the wrong number." AKA The story of how Jimin met Yoongi with a dick pic ?? This story is a combination of ✔✔Read by Boyue and my own...
  • snapchat
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Hunted? (Vkook/English Vers.) by Coiciama
Hunted? (Vkook/English Vers.)by Min Rissa Genius van Swagturt...
The vampire hunter V and his partner Suga drive like every other weekend to a nightclub. But this time is not going to be like usually. Vkook: TOP JK!!! BOTTOMTAE!! Yoon...
  • jungkook
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