Signature-STYDIA AU by stydia524
Signature-STYDIA AU by Rose :) Fanfiction
Rope Point is a new television show that was created by Cora, Derek, and Peter Hale. Heartthrob, Stiles Stilinski received the role of one of the characters in the show...
Not exactly planned by stydiaHAShappened
Not exactly planned by Stydiawillhappen Fanfiction
It was safe to say that after everything they'd been through the past couple of months that everyone felt closer. Some, surprisingly closer than others. One of Jacksons...
Treacherous Fate: A Stydia AU by kaitlynn0803
Treacherous Fate: A Stydia AU by kaitlyn Fanfiction
Both fresh out of high school, Stiles and Lydia are on the path to a new life. When those paths happen to cross though, things don't go the way they expected. Lydia is e...
Half Human, Half Banshee - Stiles & Lydia by thatgirlophelia
Half Human, Half Banshee - Stiles... by lia ⚡ Fanfiction
After one night with Stiles, Lydia finds out she's pregnant. It would already be complicated enough, but when the Dread Doctors find out about a half human half banshee...
Project Stilinski (completed) by stydiaHAShappened
Project Stilinski (completed) by Stydiawillhappen Fanfiction
"Game plan. Throw a kick ass party and have Lydia Martin fall in love with you." "I'm pretty sure that's not how it works..." "And I'm pretty su...
No Clue (sequel to: Not Exactly Planned) [complete] by stydiaHAShappened
No Clue (sequel to: Not Exactly Pl... by Stydiawillhappen Fanfiction
"Oh God. Where to begin? First of all I got one of my best friends pregnant senior year, beautiful baby girl. She's two now and I'm still madly in love with her mot...
Neighboring (a Stydia story)[complete] by stydiaHAShappened
Neighboring (a Stydia story)[compl... by Stydiawillhappen Fanfiction
Lydia Martin lives a quiet life, her best friends Scott and Allison always at her side(even though they recently started dating). But then the house next door finally ge...
Across From Me (A Stydia Teen Wolf AU Fanfiction) by emilywrites-
Across From Me (A Stydia Teen Wolf... by emily Fanfiction
Living in her comfortable apartment in the glorious Manhattan, Lydia Martin devotes all her time either at work or devouring novels. Her enticing but inconsiderate boyfr...
Black Webs by xoeternalflamexo
Black Webs by Alexis S. Fanfiction
Lydia took his breath away. No matter how long it had been since he'd begun admiring her, it always felt different somehow. Every time he looked at Lydia, it was like he...
stay | stydia by castawayIuke
stay | stydia by tia Fanfiction
stiles stilinski had promised lydia martin to give him fourteen days to change her mind about killing herself, and possibly change her entire life.
The new kid by sassystydia
The new kid by I think I loved him Fanfiction
Lydia Martin and her friends are the most popular kids in Beacon Hills. When a new kid comes in town, everyone seems to like him. Well... not really! For some weird reas...
Be Somebody- Stydia by stydia_voidd
Be Somebody- Stydia by stydia_voidd Romance
Pop superstar Stiles Stilinski has a big dream - he just wants to live like a regular teenager. When he's chased down by some excited female fans, he finds a perfect hid...
Oneshots. by panicattackkisses
Oneshots. by PAKFICTION Fanfiction
A collection of Stydia oneshots written over the past year.
Things Change--A Stydia Story by mstilinskiii24
Things Change--A Stydia Story by mstilinskiii24 Fanfiction
Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Allison are all normal people. However Lydia, being abused by her husband is searching for guidance or a Savior perhaps. One night when things...
Lydia's Shy (completed) by stydiaHAShappened
Lydia's Shy (completed) by Stydiawillhappen Fanfiction
She'd been providing for herself since the age of fourteen when her parents had died tragically in a car accident. But now, two years late at the age of sixteen, she fin...
Start of Time | Stydia by stiIinski
Start of Time | Stydia by ♡ Fanfiction
one shots of my otp stiles stilinski and lydia martin from the show teen wolf.
I see you - A Stydia AU by you-make-me-wander
I see you - A Stydia AU by you-make-me-wander Fanfiction
She has never been kissed. He got expelled from his last school for sleeping with one of his teachers. What happens when they meet? Stydia AU This is for the prompt &quo...
I Didn't Mean It by drama_girl14
I Didn't Mean It by O'Brien Your Mind Fanfiction
During the heat of the argument, Lydia accidentally said something to Stiles. Which makes him doubt their relationship. What will happen to Stydia when the supernatural...
The Unforgettables by stydiaHAShappened
The Unforgettables by Stydiawillhappen Fanfiction
Stiles was no knight in shining armor. Hell he wasn't even a castle guard. Instead this boy of nineteen was a florist. Yes you heard right, a middle class peasant floris...
Trusting you by sassystydia
Trusting you by I think I loved him Fanfiction
Stiles Stilinski. The most popular guy in Beacon Hills... He and his best friend, Scott McCall, are living the life every guy would want... Everything changes when a gir...