Jerika / Stepsiblings by jerikaslane
Jerika / Stepsiblingsby ICONIC M🍒
Angel: Erika, meet your soon to be step dad, Greg, and your soon to be step brothers, Jake and Logan!
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BTS Imagines by Mochi_Sophie
BTS Imaginesby Mochi
According to John Muir, "The power of imagination makes us infinite." So let's use our imagination not only to please ourselves, but also, to change the worl...
  • kimseokjin
  • romance
  • kimnamjoon
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Writing Prompts by lonely_jellyfish
Writing Promptsby Over Everything
Need to give your imagination a boost, want to write a new story or just running out of ideas? Well, you have come to the right place. In this book are various writing a...
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fancasts by -champions
fancastsby kourt
in which i envision different people for roles.
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Rindu ( COMPLETED ) by maslily
Rindu ( COMPLETED )by MaslailyJaafar
Rindu itu subjektif. Boleh jadi rindu pada keluarga, Boleh jadi rindu pada yang sudah tiada, Boleh jadi rindu pada perkara yang sia-sia. Boleh jadi rindu pada si dia. Ta...
  • love
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Scary True Stories by Yixuan__Uniq
Scary True Storiesby ⚜ 엑소 ⚜
HIGHEST RANK: #3 IN HORROR CATEGORY _______________________ Most of us are familiar with the tradition of scary stories. Usually while gathered around a campfire, people...
  • frightening
  • dreadfulness
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The Dark Side of The Imagination by maximumluv2004
The Dark Side of The Imaginationby Max
"Maybe you didn't lie... but you didn't tell the truth either. You weren't here. Not as a kid," Roman said. He paused, as if waiting for me to fill in the gap...
  • roman
  • creativity
  • fear
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Writing Prompts for the Sleepy Imagination by BasilGrey
Writing Prompts for the Sleepy b a s i l
Suffering from pesky writer's block, or just like to read writing prompts? Have an imagination that likes to nap when it should be helping you write? Yeah, same here. He...
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Ice Queen [C] by hanany_
Ice Queen [C]by aida
Empat orang top student Kolej Al-Alwi yang di gelar Ice Queens cukup membuat para pelajar lepasan SPM berebut mahu mendaftarkan diri di sana. Aida, Kirana, Damia dan Sya...
  • sukasuka
  • fiction
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The J Train by GreenPencil
The J Trainby Isabelle
A story about meeting Marcus. Train rides usually are not long, unless you are going to the last stop. But, train rides in New York do not only come with the usual SHOW...
  • friendship
  • family
  • identity
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Dear Aidan, by abbeyyoung101
Dear Aidan,by Abbey Young
In which a girl fantasizes about a boy in the hallways. Highest Rank: #37 in Short Story • • • This is written from the point of view from the girl writing in her diary...
  • boyproblems
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+ story ideas by jaeminty
+ story ideasby 应美连
nice lil story ideas for whoever highest : #75 in random current : #75 in random
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Betrayal Love by rainalori
Betrayal Loveby Raina Lori
A journey of love after betrayal. She loved him with all her hearts. She sacrifice her everything to make him happy. She was happy for having him in her life. She can d...
  • missing
  • imagination
  • destiny
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Brushstroke: To A Brighter Path by Oneofakindbelike
Brushstroke: To A Brighter Pathby One Drake
HIGHEST RANK: #84 In poetry They talk about healing the darkness. I talk about the scars it leaves behind. When thoughts cannot stay still, and my mind is screaming in p...
  • theshadowawards
  • light
  • sad
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Cover Battles by wallflower_r
Cover Battlesby ❀ t i n a ❀
Test out your amazing cover making skills here. STATUS: open #937 in random
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IMAGINE BANGTAN by leiram_viceral
I just wanna share this imagines to you. Some of the imagines' ideas are not mine so i re write and re create it for it to become more understandable and specific . i ho...
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BTS ONE SHOT  by sulrikim
BTS ONE SHOT by sulrikim
Read first❗️ yes: ✔️ no:✖️ maybe/depends: ➰ a little bit: ▃ in the future: ? [✔️] s m u t [✔️] need to prepare holy water? [✔️] f l u f f [ ▃] all...
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Auctioned by ughirenex
Auctionedby Irene🌹
I'm 15, a Neko, a slut, a sex toy as you may call it, I've been raped over and over again, I wish I could go home, problem is.... Where is home?
  • girlxgirl
  • sexual
  • master
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࿇Paper Doll࿇ by Colette_Mint
࿇Paper Doll࿇by CHOCOLETTE
A doll who writes at the corner in silence. ~ Paper Anthology Book #1 ~ Highest Rank #43 in Poetry ★Copyright ©2017 by @Colette_Mint Book Cover Photo by John Ed de Vera
  • lies
  • euphoria
  • freeverse
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Shawn Mendes Imagines by -saltyshawn
Shawn Mendes Imaginesby m e g a n
A book in which a teenage girl dedicates her time to writing down her fantasies about a sexy Canadian with a good voice, Shawn Mendes. Copyright 2015 @-saltyshawn *Requ...
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