Music Room | M. Yoongi by Dragneel-sensei
Music Room | M. Yoongiby sensei
"I always come here because I'm lonely." +A Min Yoongi horror fanfiction +Room 1997's sequel/book2 +Read Room 1997 first before reading this *Started: 07/27/1...
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Taken by Vampires [Complete] by jamjampanda
Taken by Vampires [Complete]by Lil Monsta
Hana is taken by a group of vampires, called EXO. she was turned into vampire to become their mate, s*x toy, or something more. What will happen if Hana falls in love wi...
  • 4minute
  • vampires
  • beast
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Takdir Seorang Perempuan by creamysmoothies
Takdir Seorang Perempuanby S E X
Perempuan dicipta bukan untuk menjadi mainan nafsu lelaki tetapi untuk disayangi . *** [WARNING] Terdapat bab yang berunsurkan adegan dewasa . Kanak - kanak dibawah 18...
  • adriana
  • syafiq
  • malay
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Naruto: The Lemon Game by lordxazazel
Naruto: The Lemon Gameby lordxazazel
Trapped in a Video Game, Naruto must get it on to level up. I do not own Naruto or any other things mixed in this story. This is not mine I thought more people would lik...
  • tsunade
  • kin
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My Sweet Baby Puppy by ExoECJiyeon
My Sweet Baby Puppyby ExoECJiyeon
ChanBaek (Yaoi)
  • pyaeeidar
  • yoonyatilin
  • khinetitha
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Mistake/შეცდომა by Anawang21
Mistake/შეცდომაby ANKAi
ფიკი მოგვითხრობს ორ გოგონაზე. რომლებიც შეცდომით აღმოჩნდებიან კორეაში. იქ კი დაიწყება მათი სასიყვარულო ისტორია
  • baekhyun
  • exo
  • hana
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His Bestfriend ~ Jungkook FF ~ by MayeshahIslam
His Bestfriend ~ Jungkook FF ~by GoldKook_May_
Eunbi (you) are bestfriends with Jeon Jungkook! One day a new student comes and Jungkook falls for her... You then fall for Jungkook.... Will you two still remain bestfr...
  • bts
  • eunbi
  • hana
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Friend Zoned by Bangbangtan_157
Friend Zonedby Taehyung’s Wifeu
"I love you", he finally said. those 3 words and 8 letters made me freeze on the spot. I didn't know what to do, what to say, how to react, nothing. "I'm...
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Master of All Beasts by Midnight-Ravencrow
Master of All Beastsby h a z e
"People are afraid of what they don't understand. I realize that humans can lost their humanity on what they hate. And that last sentence alone already scares me.&q...
  • jinchuuriki
  • uchiha
  • hana
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Zodiacs, Curses, and Tohru (A Fruits Basket fanfic) by mariexhood
Zodiacs, Curses, and Tohru (A Frui...by 🌊Ms. Fanatic🌊
||COMPLETED|| The Sohma's are a very mysterious family. They live under the zodiac curse and only Tohru Honda knows about their secret. She currently lives in a househol...
  • fantasy
  • anime
  • sakihanajima
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Online 2 ◒ D.Va x Genji Overwatch Fanfiction by julybot
Online 2 ◒ D.Va x Genji Overwatch...by joy
"We'll meet at the place where your heart was broken. I'll be waiting no matter how long you might take."
  • omnics
  • hanasong
  • genji
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El Renacer del clan Uzumaki by TXPOK9489
El Renacer del clan Uzumakiby POK
Naruto secuestrado no diré mas
  • sasuke
  • hana
  • minato
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Overwatch D.Va X Sombra by TeamRocket000
Overwatch D.Va X Sombraby TeamRocket000
D.Va X Sombra SHIPPPP ITTTT Probably Smut...... Definitely Smut And some of the other ships e.g WidowTracer, Pharmercy ect One character will become suicidal so BEWARE...
  • dva
  • tracer
  • overwatch
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Poppy and Lotus by BonbonLove
Poppy and Lotusby BonbonLove
❀Lonely yet fun-loving Ayame decides to create a flower appreciation club in her high school, but very few of her schoolmates seem interested in joining. With the possib...
  • couple
  • club
  • summer
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Hana Hinata (Brothers Conflict / BroCon Fanfic) by crystalmediamond
Hana Hinata (Brothers Conflict / B...by ⓒⓡⓨⓢ
  • brocon
  • natsume
  • brothersconflict
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Why Is There Love? (Wolf Children: Ame x Reader) by Wolf_Hybrid_Of_MCD_1
Why Is There Love? (Wolf Children:...by Wolf_Hybrid_Of_MCD_1
Y/N was a 12 year old girl running from abusive parents and she has a secret she's never told anyone. She's a Wolf Child, that means whenever she loses control of her em...
  • yuki
  • ame
  • wolfchildren
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Where it all Began by onepiecelawfan
Where it all Beganby onepiecelawfan
A long time ago on a island called Florence there was a little girl who had lived there for only a few years. When the girl found a strange pretty fruit she ate it. It m...
  • florence
  • donquixote
  • trafalgarlaw
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Wolf Children 2 by Surprisinglykawaii
Wolf Children 2by Surprisinglykawaii
This book is going to be based on Wolf Children: Ame and Yuki. As you may know, the two siblings went on to separate paths. However, this story is going to be about; if...
  • ameandyuki
  • kawaii
  • drama
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K A L E I D O S C O PE of M E M O R I E S (BaoHan fanfic) by ArtinCliff
K A L E I D O S C O PE of M E M O...by ArtinCliff
Its a BaoHan fanfic story.
  • baozi
  • yaoi
  • ratedspg
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 Monochrome Reality  by Mizuchi_Melon_Lord
Monochrome Reality by Melon Lord 。ㆁᴗㆁ。
Since I don't know how to continue my other story, I'm going to start a new one until I get an idea of what to do~ well this time I'll only focus on mainly Moa and Yui...
  • yui
  • moa
  • hana
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