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heartthrob [COMPLETE] by fly_ell
heartthrob [COMPLETE]by fly, ell
Tine happily walked to the cafe near his faculty before his shoulder bumped into someone as tall as he is. "I am sorry!!!" Tine said and gave the latter a bow...
သင် ကြည့်မရတဲ့ကောင်လေးကလည်း သင့် ကောင်လေးဖြစ်လာနိုင်ပါတယ် by DDahliaBW
သင် ကြည့်မရတဲ့ကောင်လေးကလည်း သင့် က Dahlia Hnin
BW ကိုချစ်၍ရေးခြင်းဖြစ်ပါသည်။ Fan Fiction တခုမျှသာဖြစ်ပြီး ရေးလေ့ရေးထသိပ်မရှိသူမို့ အရေးအသားမသေမသပ်မှုများအတွက် ခွင့်လွှတ်ပေးစေချင်ပါသည် #bbrightvc #winmetawin #BrightWin
False Love 🌌🧚‍♀️💖 by InuGeng
False Love 🌌🧚‍♀️💖by BàiWinn P
" when we grow up and meet - Let's get married " Bright is a normal highschool boy with a not so normal family background . His only dream is to li...
Lollipop Kiss Challenge (BrightWin) by sunnuisance
Lollipop Kiss Challenge (BrightWin)by sunnuisance
Bright and Win has been in relationship for a years. However, due to innocent character of Win, Bright never has a chance to kiss properly his lover. The far that he goe...
MY ROOMMATE IS 105 YEARS OLD!  by TejaswiniReddi
MY ROOMMATE IS 105 YEARS OLD! by Tejaswini
Imagine your roommate turned out to be 105 years old stuck in 23 year old body. What would you do? Run away? Continue being friends? Report to media? People you meet at...
Incorrect F4 Quotes  by bookslove556
Incorrect F4 Quotes by bookslove556
Incorrect F4 Quotes, and yes, the reader in in it. PG 13 Rating
Love At Every Sight [BRIGHTWIN] by bwgoofballs
Love At Every Sight [BRIGHTWIN]by rumi
Win would die for a love at first sight. But when he thinks he fell for Luke, he doesn't wanna die for it. He wonders if he could even call it love. Why? Because there's...
Switch!  by ballena_gato
Switch! by Ballena & Gato
Win didn't lie when he say he wanna explore Bright. If magic were true, if they he can switch body with Bright for at least one day, the first thing he would do is explo...
Win Metawin, a loyal and devoted fan of the model, "Bright" Vachirawit Chivaaree, creates a fan account as a way to get his idol's attention. But no one told h...
Cute Devil and Mr Kooky by sunnuisance
Cute Devil and Mr Kookyby sunnuisance
What would happen if one day some strange event happen lead to Win Metawin, the cute devil actor, accidentally swap their body with Bright Vachirawit, an arrogant and ec...
You, Me, The Little Things [BRIGHTWIN] by bwgoofballs
You, Me, The Little Things [ rumi
A collection of brightwin and sarawatine one shots/short stories / random scenarios / anything related to brightwin
Begin Again // 2gether the series AU by sagaciouslisa
Begin Again // 2gether the Sagarika
「We met when we were 15, you were wearing that oversize Christmas sweater, smiling like a fool. At 35, I am wearing the Black Shirt, that you loved so much and holding y...
"Do you want to try? Try to get to know each other. You don't have to like me that much. Just keep your heart open for me" ~BRIGHT, MY DEAR SECRETARY
Word count: 4 | BrightWin by berrym1lkeu
Word count: 4 | BrightWinby closed.
Everyone are given a certain amount of words to be spoken in their entire lifetime. However, Bright was only given four words. How can he survive without speaking? And w...
Sarawat & Tine (Bright & Win) by Netyouaway
Sarawat & Tine (Bright & Win)by Netyouaway
Warning : No Children, NC Bright and Win agreed on keeping this "something" a secret from others even Phi Champ as the producer of 2gether the series doesn't...
A little piece of you and me (ThymeGorya) by onemorefic
A little piece of you and me ( One More Fic
Thyme and Gorya have been trying for kids for a while, how does it go down when they realize there's going to be a new addition to their little family?
သခင့်စေရာ(My Master's Bodyguard)🖤 by MetawinLight
သခင့်စေရာ(My Master's Bodyguard)🖤by AyLin🌼
'Kavin'-"ပိုက်ဆံကြောင့်လာတာဆိုရင် မင်းငါ့အနားလာနေစရာမလိုဘူး 'Thyme'" 'Thyme'-"အစကတော့ ပိုက်ဆံကြောင့်လာတာပါပဲ ဒါပေမဲ့ မင်းက ခဏခဏငါ့စိတ်ကိုပြောင်းအောင်လုပ်န...
| BRIGHTWIN / chuyển ver | Người yêu siêu cấp by shhvaniehere
| BRIGHTWIN / chuyển ver | Người Jerry
NGỌT!!! Win Metawin có một người yêu siêu cấp tên Bright Vachirawit. Tác giả : Hạ Ân Chuyển ver đã có sự đồng ý của tác giả. Độ dài : 41 phần. shhvaniehere. JERRY
BrightWin One-Shots❤ by lavannyamhaskar
BrightWin One-Shots❤by lavannyamhaskar
It will contain Brightwin/Sarawattine short stories... It will have sweet, fluffy or some angst with happy ending long stories... If you guys want to suggest some idea...
Blue Skies | Bright Vachirawit by berrym1lkeu
Blue Skies | Bright Vachirawitby closed.
Blue migrated to Thailand when she was 5 years old. Her parents got separated and she was left in custody with her Thai father. With all that has happened, Blue lost her...