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It's Quiet Uptown • BrightWin by tipsykavin
It's Quiet Uptown • BrightWinby archi
Bright and Win finally got married after seven years together. In a tragic turn of events, they engaged in a car accident. Five years after the loss of their child, cir...
Yours Truly, Lazarus by vachi_win
Yours Truly, Lazarusby vachi_win
A Brightwin story about resistance- where Bright is the clingy doctor bestfriend to the city's exclusive bachelor lawyer, Win.
BrightWin- For You by being_conceit
BrightWin- For Youby being_conceit
A romance story starring BrightWin. (For those who don't know, Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin are two Thai actors who had a series named '2gether the series' which ro...
Single Dads by brightwintology
Single Dadsby Shai
Single dad of Ame and single dad of twins Cartier and Bentley were called to guidance office after their first PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) meeting because of them b...
Loving You Clumsily [BRIGHTWIN] by bwgoofballs
Loving You Clumsily [BRIGHTWIN]by rumi
Twenty five years old Bright never knew what love tasted like until he visited his hometown in vacations and met a teen boy in his welcoming party. Like summer flowers...
My Strict Husband by Marieq11sunflo
My Strict Husbandby Marieq11sunflo
It's not a continues story. It tells the life of married couples. One is strict and another one is naughty.
WALLFLOWER  by MineToMe_4evr
WALLFLOWER by MineToMe_4evr
I was shy, lonely, awkward, and unpopular ... a wallflower as they call me .... until I met him. I was searching for a home .... until I met him. I was craving for a fam...
Cute Devil and Mr Kooky by sunnuisance
Cute Devil and Mr Kookyby sunnuisance
What would happen if one day some strange event happen lead to Win Metawin, the cute devil actor, accidentally swap their body with Bright Vachirawit, an arrogant and ec...
完璧な二人です (PERFECT ・ TWO) by CaptainStarkk
完璧な二人です (PERFECT ・ TWO)by Zachary
'When Win went to go and finish his elective assignment, he found something else. Surely, more than what he was looking for. '
badboy in love  by _xezaruby_
badboy in love by Jane lina
what is so different in Sam that made the badboys F4 fell in love with her?? thyme:be mine i changed myself for you kavin:be mine chipmunk i want you mj:be mine my lady...
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special brew. | BrightWin  by xdewdrops
special brew. | BrightWin by Autumn Dew
Bright is a café owner who's struggling to keep his business afloat. One day, a clumsy but cute office worker walked through the doors and changed Bright's life in a way...
Love At Every Sight [BRIGHTWIN] by bwgoofballs
Love At Every Sight [BRIGHTWIN]by rumi
Win would die for a love at first sight. But when he thinks he fell for Luke, he doesn't wanna die for it. He wonders if he could even call it love. Why? Because there's...
DESTINY by MineToMe_4evr
DESTINYby MineToMe_4evr
Just Go on... you are not seeking destiny but destiny is waiting for you. *** An irresponsible person and a lie. What will happen if his lies come alive in front of him...
Red Card. ||F4 Thailand|| Thyme || by Jinaerl
Red Card. ||F4 Thailand|| Thyme ||by NINI
The story of an impulsive heir to the Parama Group, and a freshman at Köcher high school. Big and small changes are made. And unexpected situations occur. And what abou...
Beautiful Pain: Bright ✗ Win (Completed) by yoru_myoui
Beautiful Pain: Bright ✗ Win ( y o r u 🌙
Immersed in the world of books, Bright's unwavering skepticism towards the "Soulmate Alarm" app has been a defining trait. However, a transformative encounter...
Word count: 4 | BrightWin by berrym1lkeu
Word count: 4 | BrightWinby closed.
Everyone are given a certain amount of words to be spoken in their entire lifetime. However, Bright was only given four words. How can he survive without speaking? And w...
Switch!  by ballena_gato
Switch! by Ballena & Gato
Win didn't lie when he say he wanna explore Bright. If magic were true, if they he can switch body with Bright for at least one day, the first thing he would do is explo...
I HATE HIM! | BRIGHTGULF by reenisbrights
I HATE HIM! | BRIGHTGULFby reen is brights
Bright and Gulf are each other's enemies. There was no problem because they were both in different faculties. It's a different story, when they meet on a university foo...