The Trouble with Love by JJJiangx
The Trouble with Loveby JJ Jiang
❝The higher you go, the harder you fall.❞ Elena Evans has always been the observer. No one notices her, but she sees everything. The Elite. Beautiful, spoiled, excl...
  • famous
  • dangerous
  • suspense
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F.A.I.T.H. by JoPRBooks
F.A.I.T.H.by Jo PR
"I was broken. Nothing, no one could fix me. Until you came into my life again. I wish I had gone with you that day instead of him. Because, now I can't imagine how...
  • newadult
  • humor
  • fiction
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Away From the Sun by wheadee
Away From the Sunby W H I T N E Y
❝ In which a beauty, falls for a beast ❞
  • asiansinlit
  • private-school
  • multicultural
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Son of My Boss by _catalytic_
Son of My Bossby olive
Viola Clarke is a fresh-out-of-college girl looking for an internship when she manages to snag one with New York City's hottest up and coming designer, Artemesia Auclair...
  • nyc
  • romance
  • nsfw
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Dreaming Alone (A Harry Potter and Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by Astoria_Greengrass
Dreaming Alone (A Harry Potter and...by lum
**UNDER EDITING** Upon being betrayed by all his friends and cheated on by his girlfriend, Percy Jackson flees from Camp Half-Blood, broken hearted and filled with immen...
  • jackson
  • hogwarts
  • percabeth
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Delicious or Delicious  by lost_potato
Delicious or Delicious by Randomness
Kanae, as a child she was abandoned by her family to the streets before a kind soul decided to take her in. And thus the Blood Hound was born. She now lives the life in...
  • elite
  • soma
  • eliteten
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This is the Real Happily Ever After (The Selection Series Fan fiction) by maxongirlfriend123
This is the Real Happily Ever Afte...by Yoyohehe
If you are a selection fan (like me) you could have wished for more Maxerica. Well, this one shots are cute stories throughout America and Maxon's married life. What wil...
  • americasinger
  • theone
  • selectionseries
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Living For Elite (Book #3) by WoodieLynn
Living For Elite (Book #3)by WoodieLynn
Kalenna Vasiliev was a nurse student by day and a dancer by night. College was something she couldn't afford but she would never ask her parents for help because she nev...
  • mob
  • band
  • elite
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Hiding in Plain Sight by silverkatana
Hiding in Plain Sightby silv
What if Naruto has a little help when he was young, both from nine certain tenants and the elite Jounin? He unlocks unimaginable powers, but hides behind the clueless ma...
  • kyuubi
  • strong
  • anbu
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The Choice- Selection Roleplay - CLOSED by onepashionparty
The Choice- Selection Roleplay - C...by ash
a selection roleplay!
  • queen
  • king
  • selected
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Celestians Academy: The Princess Return by leah_myloves
Celestians Academy: The Princess R...by leyaa
Dalawa, naging dalawa ang pagkatao ng isang tao. Isang mabuti at masama, matapos ang pangyayaring iyon. Ang isa napunta sa kabilang mundo kung saan hindi pangkaraniwan a...
  • academy
  • friendship
  • complicatedrelationships
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America and Maxon Married Life by seanstoryteller
America and Maxon Married Lifeby Sean
Married life for Maxon and America After the One
  • crown
  • love
  • maxon
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Chosen (The Selection fanfiction) by Lou_Writes
Chosen (The Selection fanfiction)by Louisa
Daniel Schreave, 19, prince of Illéa. Paris Marie, 18, a two from Carolina. - Paris was one of the only twos that succeeded in entering the selection. It was no doubt...
  • theheir
  • king
  • america
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The Association by beingjane
The Associationby Jane
At Triwood Academy, anyone can become a target. Janet's spent her entire high school career trying to avoid being one. She lives a secluded life, lonely and forgotten...
  • highschool
  • kissing
  • transformation
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Hook, Line, Sinker | Andrei De Villa by LadyAireen
Hook, Line, Sinker | Andrei De Vil...by 美花/Mitch
I entered this relationship knowing he doesn't love me. Why did he commit, you ask? Simple. He was bored and being free-spirited, I was the perfect epitome o...
  • love
  • manila
  • game
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The Victim: A Maxerica Fanfiction by Bastila
The Victim: A Maxerica Fanfictionby Bastila
"AMERICA!" The bullet hit her just before I reached her. ** What if Maxon hadn't jumped in front of America in time? ** Alternate ending to The One ** All ch...
  • aspen
  • selection
  • cass
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Selection - Die Chance deines Lebens 2 by Elina_Mellark
Selection - Die Chance deines Lebe...by Elina_Mellark
Teil 2 der Geschichte [Teil 1: https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/18457067-selection-die-chance-deines-lebens ] | Drei Monate ist es her, dass Lucan, der Bruder des Thron...
  • prinz
  • princess
  • liebe
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The Chelsea Scandals  by missamieeo
The Chelsea Scandals by Amiee
The Knightsbridge School is renowned for being one of the best in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Being the best it's a school exclusive to the elite, an up...
  • elite
  • british
  • affairs
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Attack on Titan:Kaiju vs Titans by Zilla2000
Attack on Titan:Kaiju vs Titansby
For hundreds of years humanity thought that the titans were the top of the food chain but they were wrong now there are something that are more bigger,faster, stronger,s...
  • eren
  • mikasa
  • fanfiction
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The Red Chapter  by Lowkey_Psycho
The Red Chapter by Rebel Chayze
Jadelyn Marie Reagan is a 17 year old girl who thought she had it all and that her life was drama-free. However, when her best friend, Kira, goes MIA on her for over a w...
  • badboy
  • wattys2017
  • highschool
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