She was Fat Now She's A Victoria's Secret Model(DO NOT READ) by AskLinda
She was Fat Now She's A Victoria's... by lin
  • victoria
  • dream
  • pegnacy
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F.A.I.T.H. by JoPRBooks
F.A.I.T.H. by Jo PR
"I was broken. Nothing, no one could fix me. Until you came into my life again. I wish I had gone with you that day instead of him. Because, now I can't imagine how...
  • action
  • wattys2014
  • newadult
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Undercover Princess by jezrielle
Undercover Princess by Cumberbatch
In the world of Monarchy, Princess Dianne Mae Beaufortt's life is not all glitz and glamour. She has to endure hours of etiquette classes and all those pish posh things...
  • royalty
  • funny
  • love
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Maxon & America: The Married Life (A The Selection Fanfiction) by JMSenar
Maxon & America: The Married Life... by John Michael Señar
What happens after The One? What happens after the wedding ceremony? What life awaits when Maxon and America got married? When America and Maxon got married, things begi...
  • maxerica
  • america
  • singer
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The Trouble with Love by JJJiangx
The Trouble with Love by JJ Jiang
❝The higher you go, the harder you fall.❞ Elena Evans has always been the observer. No one notices her, but she sees everything. The Elite. Beautiful, spoiled, excl...
  • hate
  • highschool
  • secrets
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The Love Story of A Passerby by spreaddalove_LJ
The Love Story of A Passerby by Spread_Da_Love BL Translation...
Title: The Love Story of A Passerby Author: Mo Shin Shang Translators: El & Miyuki Editors: Lily & Miyuki Proofreaders: Credited by each chapter Genre: Modern, City Life...
  • chineseboylove
  • ordinary
  • humorofficestory
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Cannot Share You by DebjaniChakraborty
Cannot Share You by DebjaniChakraborty
What happens when a fat Sam has a huge crush on her neighbour badass V.??? Sounds difficult. Because V do not even notice her. Join Sam along with her besties, in her jo...
  • romance
  • hurt
  • love
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La risa del ángel by Velveth
La risa del ángel by Marina Hurtado D.
[CONTINUACIÓN de "LA SONRISA DEL DIABLO"] Bruce ha destrozado el corazón de Spencer y el suyo y no tiene intención de retractarse. Los preparativos con su co...
  • amor
  • adolescente
  • adolescentes
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Delicious or Delicious  by lost_potato
Delicious or Delicious by Randomness
Kanae, as a child she was abandoned by her family to the streets before a kind soul decided to take her in. And thus the Blood Hound was born. She now lives the life in...
  • romance
  • elite
  • soma
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This is the Real Happily Ever After (The Selection Series Fan fiction) by maxongirlfriend123
This is the Real Happily Ever Afte... by Yoyohehe
If you are a selection fan (like me) you could have wished for more Maxerica. Well, this one shots are cute stories throughout America and Maxon's married life. What wil...
  • maxonschreave
  • selection
  • fanfiction
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Dreaming Alone (A Harry Potter and Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by Astoria_Greengrass
Dreaming Alone (A Harry Potter and... by lum
**UNDER EDITING** Upon being betrayed by all his friends and cheated on by his girlfriend, Percy Jackson flees from Camp Half-Blood, broken hearted and filled with immen...
  • elite
  • percy
  • malfoy
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The Son of Chaos  (Percy Jackson) by AuthorM7
The Son of Chaos (Percy Jackson) by Hello, citizans of Wattpadia...
Omega is Percy Jackson. Scratch that. Percy Jackson Is dead. Or at least that's how he thinks of himself. Percy Jackson is dead and reborn as Omega. After being b...
  • omega
  • jackson
  • perseus
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The Selection (Where the King is Nice) by kimpa11173789
The Selection (Where the King is N... by Tris
As I was reading The Selection series, I was thinking to myself, why is the king so discriminating toward the castes? It annoyed me so much that I decided to write a The...
  • princess
  • cass
  • lucy
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Lies in Loyalty by asiraphenomena
Lies in Loyalty by A Phenomena
There are questions in this world that are beyond even the people who answer them for a living. Private investigator Idunn Bengtsdotter came to terms with this after yea...
  • revenge
  • betrayal
  • explanation
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Starr Academy: Year One by Katherin3Coitier
Starr Academy: Year One by Katherine Coitier
The Starr Academy is one of the most premier and exclusive school in the United States of America. So exclusive that they turned down Paris Hilton when she tried to dema...
  • danille
  • hope
  • nathan
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Bangtan Flower Boys [✦Jungkook✦] by taecafe
Bangtan Flower Boys [✦Jungkook✦] by sweetie
"What the hell, Jungkook?" He smiles and looks at you, his eyes widening a little with an unreadable emotion. "I'm sorry, I think I'm at the wrong place...
  • romance
  • jin
  • suga
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Hiding in Plain Sight by silverkatana
Hiding in Plain Sight by silv
What if Naruto has a little help when he was young, both from nine certain tenants and the elite Jounin? He unlocks unimaginable powers, but hides behind the clueless ma...
  • anbu
  • bijuu
  • silverkatana
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Heirs And Graces (Academy Roleplay) by stormchaser_
Heirs And Graces (Academy Roleplay) by storm
Every year, twenty-five youth from elite and powerful families are chosen to come to the prestigious Academy of Heirs. This year, you're one of them. The Academy was for...
  • academy
  • adventure
  • advanced
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The Runaways Project | NaNoWriMo Winner by Clover
The Runaways Project | NaNoWriMo W... by Clover | I Purple You 💜
[ ❤️ Highest Ranking: #39 ChickLit ❤️ | Currently submitted to a writing contest ✌️] Sienna was broke as fuck. Struggling to pay off her debts, every waking moment beca...
  • nanowrimo
  • lgbt
  • firstperson
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Sympathy for the devil by ColetteStone
Sympathy for the devil by ColetteStone
My heart hammers against my chest as I push my bare feet against the cold pavement. Wrapping my fingers around the now drenched, silk dress, I pull it higher off the g...
  • elite
  • humor
  • romance
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