Regrets. by ILoveOdell
Regrets. by Aaliyah Teen Fiction
Life full of regrets. #EricaMena #CynSantana
This Will Be Forever by niggas32
Our Love (Cyn Santana X Erica Mena) by BadBoyAddiction_
Our Love (Cyn Santana X Erica Mena) by Bea Fanfiction
More than love, less then hatred Find out what happens between Cyn and Erica, will things between them last or will it fade it away between the two.
Erica Mena And Cyn Santana by rihannaisbaeeeeeee
Erica Mena And Cyn Santana by ❣ Romance
I Always Wanted To Write A Story About Erica And Cyn. Ive Been Pushing My Ideas Back For A While And Now Im Going To Just Go For It. My Version Of How Erica And Cyn Meet...
DreamDoll (Tabatha) gets cast to be on Bad Girls Club season 16. Before Bgc Dream was a judgemental,selfish, rude Bitch ,who acted as if she had it all together and like...
Cyn Santana by Syn_Santana
Cyn Santana by Synthia Random
This is the story of the gorgeous, bubbly spirit, half Dominican and half Salvadorian, kind hearted and thoughtful Cyn Santana. I don't know about you guys, but I'm a di...
We Ain't Giving Up On Us by EmKimbaWalsh
We Ain't Giving Up On Us by EmKimbaWalsh Fanfiction
Cyn and erica have been on and off for sometime but when erica realises the full extent of her feelings for cyn she wants so bad to change and for that she'll do whateve...
Heart Of The Game by Airabear
Nicki Minaj & Cyn Santana by ddunigan101
Nicki Minaj & Cyn Santana by ddunigan101 Fanfiction
(BTW: For everybody who know's Cyn then you know that she LOVES Nicki Minaj) This story is basically about how Cyn Santana finally gets her big wish to go see Nicki Mina...
Imagines by iluvindia
Imagines by Shawtylo💕 Short Story
Request are being taken
volleyball chronicles by OnikaLuv
Angel by Suplexangel
Angel by Sunris🎗 Romance
Who said I was an angel?
Sins Unforgivable by niyahthegawd
Sins Unforgivable by Niyaah Fanfiction
Cyn usually goes to her own club to find her ONS's (one night stands). She thought she'd found her next ONS but she might've just found the LOHL.