The Secret Behind The Linus Cup(Titan Academy) by InfiniteTyler
The Secret Behind The Linus Cup(Ti... by InfiniteTyler
FANFICTION | Part II - Titan Academy @april_avery | Inspired | Must Read | "I thought you were dead but Lucas Tyler, you are ALIVE." | {on going}
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Battle Horse by Avisknight
Battle Horse by Avis
Growing up in the Redmont castle ward wasn't the easiest. Ena grew up in the shadows of her other ward mates, not exactly social with the others. When the day of the cho...
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Ender Returns to Earth by Jessnguyen99
Ender Returns to Earth by Jessica Nguyen
In the aftermath of the Formic war, an entirely new threat arises. While the Legend, whom is also Ender Wiggin, plans to have no more responsibility, and wants nothing t...
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I Was Never Ender's Shadow, I Was his Best Friend (Ender's Game Fanfic) by RabbitMagician
I Was Never Ender's Shadow, I Was... by Bunny
The Human race is in danger. The formatics, more commonly known as buggers, are at war with the human race. We've beat them once but they're back for a second attack. Th...
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My existence (enders game spin off) by anonkristen
My existence (enders game spin off) by anonkristen
School is school. We are taught that the Formics are bad and we must conquer the bad. Sounds a bit vague. Our existence doesn't mean much until we actually live our live...
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Revived (Ender's Game Fanfic)-Editing by BlueClover123
Revived (Ender's Game Fanfic)-Edit... by Misty Dawn
Many years after the Bugger War was ended by Ender Wiggin, the Earth is faced with a new threat, a threat that starts the Battle School program up again. Twelve year ol...
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Bloody Hands Don't Mean A Bloody Heart (an Ender's Game fanfiction) by esperanzadreamer
Bloody Hands Don't Mean A Bloody H... by Stardust
(science fiction; romance) Ender Wiggin was the one picked to be commander, but with the inivatible training to come, the IF (International Fleet) is unsure whether he c...
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Ender of Pain by UrgirlRo24
Ender of Pain by Park RoRo
Ender Wiggin decided to go back to Battle School after defeating the buggers. But, when he arrives he learns that there are new rules. Diana Archer has heard all about...
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