The Secret Behind The Linus Cup(Titan Academy) by InfiniteTyler
The Secret Behind The Linus Cup(Ti... by InfiniteTyler Fantasy
FANFICTION | Part II - Titan Academy @april_avery | Inspired | Must Read | "I thought you were dead but Lucas Tyler, you are ALIVE." | {on going}
Stay Strong  by Daniellelovespiccolo
Stay Strong by Danielle Fanfiction
Ender Wiggin is back to a planet he hasn't set foot on in years. So many things have changed, his parents, his sister, the whole world around him. The only constant is P...
The Lost Battle Student by Avisknight
The Lost Battle Student by Avis Fanfiction
He never wanted to go to battle school, but it was his mother's wish. She saved up for years to buy his way into the Redmont Battle school, in hopes of seeing her son be...
Battle Horse by Avisknight
Battle Horse by Avis Fanfiction
Growing up in the Redmont castle ward wasn't the easiest. Ena grew up in the shadows of her other ward mates, not exactly social with the others. When the day of the cho...