Attack on One Punch Man [Feat. F!Reader] by sleepy_chazy_sensei
Attack on One Punch Man [Feat. F! sleepy_chazy_sensei
"...What the heck is this place?" Saitama (when in the Shingeki no Kyojin world). You, Saitama and Genos end up getting sent back in time from a villian scient...
  • hanjizoe
  • surveycorps
  • erwinsmith
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The Captain - Levi Ackerman by EveyNightmare
The Captain - Levi Ackermanby Cordelia Beeghly
~•~Book One~•~ Anna was the perfect soldier, tested on so many times to the point of near insanity. When her and her teammate are captured by the Survey Corps, at what l...
  • leviheichou
  • anime
  • leviackerman
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My Omega {EDITING} by jaegerackereri
My Omega {EDITING}by jaegerackereri
When an Alpha and Omega come of age, they will go to a mate ritual. This is an event where Alphas and Omegas come to meet at a place to search who they would like to ma...
  • leviackerman
  • alpha
  • erumin
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Anime x Reader One Shots. by Animegirl_4life
Anime x Reader One Just A Fangirl
This is where I will let my imagination go wild. Can't promise that they will be good -_-. But I do hope that you will enjoy anyway. This used to be a Fairy Tail x Reade...
  • aot
  • oneshots
  • fairytail
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Neko! Levi X Reader [Lemon] by LeviHeichou_Ackerman
Neko! Levi X Reader [Lemon]by Levi Ackerman
How could such a cute little kitten turn out to be a sexy man, a sex god and an all around hotty? You where walking pass an ally way when you heard a weird noise coming...
  • neko
  • fanfic
  • levixreader
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Suicide Hotline (Ereri/Riren/Eren x Levi AU) by Ereri_Af
Suicide Hotline (Ereri/Riren/ Jill( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
"Hello?" "I feel like killing myself again," "Don't." {No characters mentioned or pictures used are mine.}
  • wattys2015
  • ereri
  • eren
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Attack On Titan Memes / AOT Memes by YRUReadingTh1s
Attack On Titan Memes / AOT Memesby 空の感情
WARNING: SPOILERS!! What the title says. I'll react to them too I guess. There will be some swearing. Disclaimer: I do not own any pictures, nor do I own the book cover'...
  • mikasa
  • snk
  • armin
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Levi Boyfriend Scenarios (Levi X Reader) by MegaBlazethecat
Levi Boyfriend Scenarios (Levi X MegaBlazethecat
This is a wondrous set of boyfriend scenarios about Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan. All of the scenarios contain you and Levi spending time to together with a hint o...
  • attackontitan
  • heichou
  • romance
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Schooling | Levi Ackerman x Reader (High School AU) by maria_arlert
Schooling | Levi Ackerman x Maria-chan
#10 in attackontitan || What happens when Mr Smith puts you in charge of tutoring the stoic bad boy Levi Ackerman? (Levi x Reader) (Modern AU)
  • anime
  • love
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The GangLeaders Pup ~Re-written~ by Kawaii_Eren_Aot
The GangLeaders Pup ~Re-written~by ?Eren?
~Re-written~ ~I do not own any Aot characters or certain Oc's that were provided to me~ Finally escaping the abuse of his father after ten years, Eren finds himself outs...
  • ukeeren
  • semelevi
  • yaoi
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Natural Strength || Levi Ackerman x Reader by FanfictionXR
Natural Strength || Levi Jeanne
It's rarely known where the famous duo of Humanity's Strongest Soldiers came from since they didn't arrive together. (Y/N) (L/N) and Levi Ackerman are two sides of the s...
  • attackontitan
  • titans
  • aot
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You're My Bitch by Misteria-Love
You're My Bitchby Misteria-Love
Just a story about Eren giving Levi a blow job in the middle of the mess hall. Dinner time and everyone is there. Interesting... Did I already mention the lap dance Eren...
  • attackontitanyaoi
  • eren
  • kiss
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I'm pregnant? (Ereri/ riren mpreg) by _Armin_the_coconut_
I'm pregnant? (Ereri/ riren mpreg)by Armin.the.coconut
this is a modern love story between Levi Ackerman and Eren Jaeger, warning Mpreg!
  • shingekinokiojin
  • eren
  • fanfiction
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The Glow(Eren x Levi) by Metalheadotaku
The Glow(Eren x Levi)by Call me Senpai
In this AU, when you find your soul mate, your chest will glow for everyone to see. Eren Jaeger has been under the torment of Levi Ackerman throughout high school and no...
  • completed
  • shingekinokyojin
  • yaoi
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Ereri's the need to exceed (Attack On Titan) by galiesloveforYaoi
Ereri's the need to exceed ( FAILURE
WARNING! PARTS WITH ALOT OF LEMON! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! When Levi is Graciously given Eren without a choice. He soon comes to realize his true feeling for him. And find...
  • jeager
  • riren
  • ackerman
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Waking up in AoT by TheFreckledMarcoBodt
Waking up in AoTby TheFreckledMarcoBodt
What happens when a normal, 15-year-old girl suddenly wakes up in her favorite anime? Read to find out! -Includes manga spoilers -Blood, gore, major character death (it...
  • shingekinokyojin
  • readerinsert
  • attackontitan
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Beautiful Rose | Attack on Titan | Levi by silverserein
Beautiful Rose | Attack on Titan | silverserein
[My OC x Levi and possibly others] Wall Maria had been invaded by the monstrous creatures humanity called Titans. Young, carefree Alex Bellerose had lost so much from th...
  • shinekinokyojin
  • leviackerman
  • attackontitan
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"You stole my heart." - Levi Ackerman || X Reader || by TheQueenReaders
"You stole my heart." - Levi TQR
[ HARDCORE EDITING ] "S-Sir! Please!" I tried to calm Corporal Levi down, but he didn't listen to me as he continue to wreck some things and glares at me. Then...
  • levixreader
  • attackontitan
  • aot
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Deep Down (Eren x Reader) by gravityfallsgeek21
Deep Down (Eren x Reader)by gravity
Book 1, Deep Down (complete) Book 2, Her Secrets (work in progress) After the fall of the Shiganshina District nearly 5 years ago, Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin...
  • arminarlert
  • xreader
  • titanshifter
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Humanity's Dragon Slayer [Levi x Reader] by TyrantBlossom
Humanity's Dragon Slayer [Levi x xreader central
The job with Team Natsu should have been easy enough, however, one thing leads to another and you're sucked into a blinding light. As soon as your eyes opened, you're f...
  • erwin
  • aot
  • lévi
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