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Remember Me? // Levi Ackerman by fura_sama
Remember Me? // Levi Ackermanby Furawazu Utsukushii
Which memories you wanted to keep,your revenge or...'REMEMBER ME'?
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Wide Awake | Attack on Titan Chatfic by kimichiiix
Wide Awake | Attack on Titan hi シ
ah i finally get to publish this LMFAO --- Y/N L/N, started out as a Survey Corps cadet. Y/N, along with Sasha, Connie, Jean, Eren, Mikasa, Armin we're soon added into a...
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A Reason to Live - Levi Ackerman x OC by tiredofeverthing
A Reason to Live - Levi Ackerman justawriter
A woman is found in the mountains frozen in the ice. At first, it seems as if she's normal and a medical mystery. But what secret is she hiding? Can she change the cours...
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The New Era (Headcannons Book 2) by AlexTheCool
The New Era (Headcannons Book 2)by Alexandra Lechsinska Larsson
same old, same old thing yet new information
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The other side of the wall by Weeboohno
The other side of the wallby 𝕌𝕣𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕨𝕖𝕖𝕓シ
Y/n who just walks around on town when a titan came across to the wall and budge the titans into Wall Sina. She panicked until she fell in love with a guy named Levi. &q...
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【one last time】ᵃᵒᵗ ˣ ʳᵉᵃᵈᵉʳ ᵒⁿᵉˢʰᵒᵗˢ by Angiesfandoms1977
【one last time】ᵃᵒᵗ ˣ ʳᵉᵃᵈᵉʳ ᵒⁿᵉˢʰᵒ 【GIRLY】
ᵛᵃʳⁱᵒᵘˢ!ᵃᵗᵗᵃᶜᵏ ᵒⁿ ᵗⁱᵗᵃⁿ ˣ ʳᵉᵃᵈᵉʳ ᵒⁿᵉˢʰᵒᵗˢ "ᵒⁿᵉ ˡᵃˢᵗ ᵗⁱᵐᵉ, ⁱ ⁿᵉᵉᵈ ᵗᵒ ᵇᵉ ᵗʰᵉ ᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ᵗᵃᵏᵉˢ ʸᵒᵘ ʰᵒᵐᵉ." m o d e r n a u
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High School love story (Levihan, Eremika, Aruani) by yeagerrrr
High School love story (Levihan, mxkasa
just a random high school thing🙃
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Some Stuff I Give To Readers by AddisonWilliams4
Some Stuff I Give To Readersby Ha
read the book if you read ma stuff
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The Day We Met  by cupcakes2945
The Day We Met by cupcakes2945
Flashback "Here is a flower crown" he says putting it on my head very proud "It's adorable ,Oh oh oh I got this cute pin you can have it" I smiled ...
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|My Little Solider Boy| LevixReader by BlossomBabyz
|My Little Solider Boy| LevixReaderby ♥ 𝐿𝑜𝓋𝑒 ♥
Modern AU You just happen to be the teen idol of the century. You travel the country singing for anyone who will listen. What happens when you come back home and meet th...
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𝙸𝚗𝚎𝚏𝚏𝚊𝚋𝚕𝚎 by Belllovesanime
𝙸𝚗𝚎𝚏𝚏𝚊𝚋𝚕𝚎by AnaBells
Ineffable (in·ef·fa·ble) /inˈefəb(ə)l/ [adj.] too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words. _____________________________________________ "I may be sm...
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(Eren X Reader) A World Full Of Lies by IreneJaeger
(Eren X Reader) A World Full Of Irene
Humanity strongest daughter - Sarah Ackerman joining cadet years and became acquainted with different people. Would she find love on some of them? And find some truthfu...
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I Adore You (Levi X Reader|Modern AU) by CleanASaurusRex
I Adore You (Levi X Reader| CleanASaurusRex
It all started when old friends, Kuchel Ackerman and your mum bumped into each other in your new town. "If your parents are friends that means you'll immediately b...
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No Wings Needed To Fly (Depressed!Eren × Levi) by SimpForEreri
No Wings Needed To Fly ( SimpForEreri
Currently Ongoing. A Modern AU EreRi, Depressed!Eren X Levi I do NOT own any of the AoT characters or the images shown in this fanfiction, they all belong to their right...
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Pretty Little Liar (Aruani Element Shifter AU) by WonderingAuthor
Pretty Little Liar (Aruani Cat x
"You were always a good person." In a world overrun by a secretive, cowardly government, shy Armin Arlert and his eccentric best friend Annie Leonhardt lived...
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Into The Unknown by GhostAssassinhi
Into The Unknownby GhostAssassinhi
Being raised in the underground city: Midras is a lot harder than people on the surface understand. The lack of sunlight diminishes the body of the correct nutrients to...
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So Close and yet So Far (LevixFemale!Reader) (18+) by Sensitivepea2
So Close and yet So Far ( ꧁NLC꧂
Summary: A tale about the girl Levi Heichou raised in secret. Warning: 18+ Will contain explicit content. Considering you know Shingeki no Kyojin, I guess you have an i...
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Aot characters rate ships by yeagerrrr
Aot characters rate shipsby mxkasa
out of boredom, i decided to make this! keep in mind that these are my opinions for the ships, so please don't attack me.
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Random Things I Have Saved On My Phone 2 by kenzie_playzrbx
Random Things I Have Saved On My Kenzie_Oof
Continuation of the first book I made. Doesn't matter which order you look at it in, but check out the first one for more pictures!
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Blurred (AoT lemon/fanfic) by Zombiewrecked
Blurred (AoT lemon/fanfic)by Zombiewrecked
Colette Sinclair joined the Survey Corps and quickly made friends with Corporal Levi Ackerman. After months of training her potential is finally noticed by Commander Erw...
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