wrong chat (2jae) by alexandravalenzaz123
wrong chat (2jae) by 2jae.trash.lmao Fanfiction
"YooOo did u see youngjae wearing those shorts last night? bOi I can't get my eyes off his butt lmao" ".... i'm youngjae" in which jaebum send a mess...
Social Media (Markson) 《#wattys2017》 by kangchulbitch2016
Social Media (Markson) 《#wattys201... by Yoona Fanfiction
Mark is a big fan of Jackson Wang, he has fan account on instagram where he just fanboy over Jackson with his 10k followers. Jackson is an idol, he's a model, singer and...
Something Good || 2Jae by xbygmygx
Something Good || 2Jae by L e a h Fanfiction
"What are you hiding?" "I'm not hiding anything." "Then just say it's a rumor." ---- In which Youngjae becomes pregnant by his older brothe...
LINE | 2Jae by xhlrud
LINE | 2Jae by 민 Fanfiction
YoungJae checks his Line account to see that he has received a friend request from 'andthen_eat' on People Nearby. - This story contains sexual content, please do not re...
his babysitter (i.j.b + c.y.j) by SugarandKookies
his babysitter (i.j.b + c.y.j) by YgJ2Won Random
Youngjae is just too guiltless and silly for this cruel world.. His parents, Jungkook and Taehyung, decide to let him stay at his old babysitter, named Jaebum. He is su...
2Jae- Me&You by 2jae_choibear
2Jae- Me&You by coco_nora Fanfiction
Just a nice 2jae story :) *Youngjae as Sunshine* *Jaebum as hard-to-get fluff ball*
enemy-zoned (2jae) by alexandravalenzaz123
enemy-zoned (2jae) by 2jae.trash.lmao Fanfiction
" you love me,don't you?" "OHOHOHOHO first of all i don't love you.second of all, i hate you" in which jaebum is "enemy-zoned" by youngjae
Why? | Taekook ⚣ ✔ by kookies_for_tae
Why? | Taekook ⚣ ✔ by th+jk / mt+kb Fanfiction
Jungkook just arrived to a new school, still healing from past events. He thought his life could get worse than it already is, that is until he meets a student named Kim...
I Like You / 난 니가 좋아 { 2jae ff } / Translated by 97ForeverAhgase97
I Like You / 난 니가 좋아 { 2jae ff }... by ❤난2j@e스탠❤ Fanfiction
Choi Youngjae is a plain student. Silent but plain. He lives an ordinary life with his little dog Coco. He doesn't really have any friends but copes well with it. But wh...
snapchat || markson by passivethoughts
snapchat || markson by emily :) Fanfiction
❝when a fanboy accidentally adds the wrong account❞ : short chapters [people in this story do not belong to me.]
spin the bottle // 2jae by namjoonschin
spin the bottle // 2jae by appreciate namjoon ✨ Fanfiction
"I won't tell if you don't tell,"
(S)he's The One by TheJaebumTrashCan
(S)he's The One by Nicole Fanfiction
Choi Youngjae lived a life of ridicule for his choices. Being a Female isn't all what it cracked up to be. Especially when you used to be a boy. So Youngjae or Youngjoo...
snap me by tmblrangelx
snap me by baby j♕❥ Fanfiction
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foreign- 2jae by -minhyukkiee
foreign- 2jae by jess Fanfiction
youngjae is a foreign exchange student to a new york highschool, from south korea, who only speaks korean. he can't speak english at all. he moved into a korean family's...
euphoria ; got7 imagines by ultbambams
euphoria ; got7 imagines by hiatus 💭 Fanfiction
A budding collection of: imagines, reactions, blurbs, texts, and mtl for my lovelies. All written by yours truly. Suggestions are welcome! #404 in fanfiction - 8/7/17 re...
"Innocent Boy" by Picky_Penguin
"Innocent Boy" by (´・ω・)っ由 Fanfiction
Youngjae, the innocent sunshine otter and a member of a their squad Got7. He was loved by his friends. Even his two favourite hyungs. Mature, Fluff~, THERE ARE NOT ENOU...
fanboy | 2jae   by akabrowny
fanboy | 2jae by emma Fanfiction
@breadchoi - iM CRYIN HES TOO CUTE WTF @breadchoi - mArry me choi youngjae pls - + book 1 in the social media series + highest ranking: #188 in fanfiction ✧ start: 0...
Blood Slave ||2jae by wangingjackson
Blood Slave ||2jae by wangingjackson Fanfiction
In which Youngjae is forced to provide Jaebum blood, though he knows it's wrong and shouldn't feel any joy in it, his love for Jaebum only grows stronger.
STRANGER DANGER by milkinryansass
STRANGER DANGER by kimkop™ Fanfiction
@def_soul: hi you have a really nice face. @dragon.jae: who are you?
Living With The D.E.V.I.L. (2Jae) by shiruuka
Living With The D.E.V.I.L. (2Jae) by def seoul Fanfiction
What will happen when Youngjae becomes roommates with Jaebum, the most popular yet evil guy in school?