sold out 💸 2jae by DEFARSOUL
sold out 💸 2jae by DEFARSOUL Fanfiction
(♥ω♥*) "You said like I was given a fucking choice." Choi Youngjae, 17, young, pure and kind. It wasn't his intentions to sell himself at the first place but t...
°Tease° by BGTOST7
°Tease° by BGTOST7 Fanfiction
Getting sexually teased by your bully isn't fun but Mark finds a way to get revenge. It get's better after the third chapter ;-; Side: •2Jae •Yugbam •Namjin •Yoonmin •Vk...
rewind | 2jae by Broken-Strings
rewind | 2jae by 잔 & 니카 :3 Fanfiction
❝don't tell the others that i'm becoming so soft around you.❞ ✘ rewind back to summer 2013, when choi youngjae auditioned to jyp entertainment; only to find himself a me...
teenage dirtbag + 「 2jae 」 by namjoonsdimpIes
teenage dirtbag + 「 2jae 」 by aleks ♡ Fanfiction
"okay jaebum, truth or dare?" "dare." "make choi youngjae fall in love with you."
gossip _ 2jae by elUn1corn1o
gossip _ 2jae by » that fancy llama « Fanfiction
he decided to talk to someone different for a change. ____ [updated on fridays] Started » 27.1.2017/27.Jan.2017 « End » or will it? ____ Highest Ranking » #1...
Living With The D.E.V.I.L. (2Jae) by shiruuka
Living With The D.E.V.I.L. (2Jae) by def seoul Fanfiction
What will happen when Youngjae becomes roommates with Jaebum, the most popular yet evil guy in school?
say it back - cyj&ijb by sinfularts
say it back - cyj&ijb by vince Fanfiction
im jaebum being the most popular kid is confident with himself and one day he found himself being interested to choi youngjae, the boy who couldn't give less fuck about...
Prince[ss] by Hong_Jisoos14
Prince[ss] by Im Jaebum Fanfiction
Prince? More like princess
breakfast delivery - 2jae by yoursjae
breakfast delivery - 2jae by 🌞 Fanfiction
the school's hottest boy im jaebum wants to get a certain boy's number. but the first problem is: he's unhappy and not eating.
2Jae- Me&You by 2jae_choibear
2Jae- Me&You by jin_seng Fanfiction
Just a nice 2jae story :) *Youngjae as Sunshine* *Jaebum as hard-to-get fluff ball*
Psycho | ijb•cyj by cheejicake
Psycho | ijb•cyj by »빛« Fanfiction
I'm not allowed him. He's no good. But why do I still want him? -- Spreading the 2JAE love - DISCLAIMER cheejicake original storyline (this one is based off my life so i...
Comfy «Yugbam» by beautaefulmistake
Comfy «Yugbam» by HIATUS until ❄️ Fanfiction
Yugyeom likes to wonder about the boy who always wears pajamas Fluffy:) Winner of The Luminous Awards
Skype by thailandthot
Skype by ⇥chanbaek⇤ Fanfiction
"youngjae? Is that your name?"
his babysitter (ijb + cyj) by SugarandKookies
his babysitter (ijb + cyj) by YgJ2Won Random
it's ok to be innocent as long as nobody takes advantage of this thing, no? As long as nobody ruins it, no? Ⓢugarnk™ -
Oops [Markson] by Britirish_Accent
Oops [Markson] by o(〃^▽^〃)o Fanfiction
"Falling in love with you was never a mistake." ____ A story where Jackson and Mark join a school musical and found something along the way. Mark was asked to...
Changed .:. 2jae by Jimins1Army
Changed .:. 2jae by Eat My Peen Fanfiction
in which a bullied boy becomes a completely different person and somehow finds love inbetween all of it -Jimins1Army
spin the bottle ;  2 j a e by namjoonschin
[Awkward] by ChoiBummie
[Awkward] by {ChoiBummie} Fanfiction
"Can't we just, I don't know, cut it in half?" "Sorry, I don't think we can Youngjae ah"
 Kissing Mr.President /Marknior/ √ by dyliannesaber
Kissing Mr.President /Marknior/ √ by ฅ'ω'ฅ Fanfiction
"as the school's president, the school's record should be clean, attendance, wears Proper Uniform, A role model, good grades". Park Jin-Young, the all boys sc...
Deseos y mordidas:  manada Im by aome91
Deseos y mordidas: manada Im by Jazyta Tiso Fanfiction
~ Todo estaba listo para el cumpleaños número 18 del más joven de la casa, esperaban ansiosos conocer la identidad de su amigo ¿sería Alfa, Beta u Omega? La situación e...