Secret Princess

Secret Princess

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Star was the next heir to Rule Mewni, at 22 she has to marry but all the men that her parents picked for her doesn't really fit her interest so she decided to travel away from home to find the guy of her dream, someone who's down to earth and not someone for her money or wealth like others..

Marco a average 23 year old attending a part time community college, and works at a thrift shop and part time at a resturant to make things meet, when he realizes he needs a roommate to help him pay for rent. when he stumbles upon a blue eyed girl with beautiful blonde locks.

what happens when both worlds collide? will they be an item or did Star just waste her time for a random guy she met?

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TheGoodTrash TheGoodTrash Jan 20, 2018
I thought that said that he ate it in the shower😂😂😂
The_Argonaut_Mars The_Argonaut_Mars May 15, 2017
This is sooooo sweet, but I hate how every time I read,"She means nothing to me," I get kinda offended. Like I don't know why, I just do. Idk why tho…
AnEuphoricNightmare AnEuphoricNightmare Jul 18, 2017
Sooo he can just work there for as many hours he wants.. and then leave at any moment? Like, imagine him talking to a coworker and in the middle of the conversation, he gets up and leaves work.. like.. wai..?
GeeksRule1 GeeksRule1 Mar 25, 2017
Actually Tia is a name tía is Spanish for aunt u gotta put the accent on there or else the meaning comes out differently
Ginny_Jean_Chase Ginny_Jean_Chase Jun 12, 2017
Tía because if you don't than you might get a different meaning
KrixHimself KrixHimself Feb 24, 2017
good beginning nice wording and a fantastic plot idea keep it going
                              I'd like to see where you go with this