The Princesess I Found On The Internet {A StarCo Fanfiction}

The Princesess I Found On The Internet {A StarCo Fanfiction}

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(An AU Starco story)
(All of the characters are aged 18+ in this fanfic)

'Marco Diaz isn't your Average Joe.

Which is sort of obvious really, because, of course, his name isn't actually Joe, for starters'

17 year old Marco Diaz never really thought that his life could get anymore boring. The same, old repetitive routine everday at the same old boring Echo Creek High Boarding School ...
You'd be destined to go crazy with a lifestyle like that!

Luckily for him, Marco comes across a girl, his age on the Internet. Her name is Star Butferfly and she comes from the country, Mewni?
Regardless of her strange heritage, Marco and Star find out that they share quite a lot of common interests and soon our protagonist is finding his conversations with Star the highlights of his day!
So when she Star announces that she's transferring over to his school; it can only mean things are going to get REALLY hectic!

Will Marco be able to handle his new, sought-after exciting life with this colourful character or will Star's secret ruin their friendship?

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First thing i thought of when he mentioned voting on girls in class was Thirteen Reasons Why... 😩 NO FEGURSON DONT DO IT
"I'm going to WREAK HAVOC" doesn't capitalize the first word of a sentence "(in his head) my God I am living like a wild man"
CelesteMarrs7 CelesteMarrs7 Feb 03, 2017
When u say bruentte do u mean brunette cause that's confusing
xXWeirdIsLifeXx xXWeirdIsLifeXx May 05, 2016
Ann_Nya1 Ann_Nya1 Mar 05, 2017
X is equal to 3 because math have three ex. And math have three ex because no one likes him *ahem* also math keeps looking for x
StarDiazButterfly StarDiazButterfly Apr 24, 2016
Ok finally got to this story and I'm freaken sick reading this so far so good now I'm going to read the second.