Best Friends with the Player

Best Friends with the Player

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Kylie&Kelsey♥ By RealityCheck101 Updated Feb 08

Kimberly Taylor was a quiet, shy girl with no friends growing up, until Kindergarten when Asher Knight changed that. It's now been eleven years since they've become best friends, and they both have come a long way. 

Asher Knight has become one of Jefferson High's players and all-star jock. Popular, good looking, funny, and an expert kiss ass.

Kimberly Taylor is an intelligent and hard working girl, opposite of Asher's popular status. With average looks to cover her extreme case of nerd.

With the two being such close friend, will the cost of being best friends with Asher be her love life? Will Asher lose over a decade of friendship to Spencer Grey? Will Kimmy stand up and finally tell Asher the truth?

It's a tough yet fun ride being Best Friends with the Player.

LaJuliLv LaJuliLv Aug 06
She just described a man in love. I wonder who that man would be
lana-xoxo lana-xoxo Aug 13
^ I wrote my comment before  reading other comments. BOI am I an innocent thinker and y'all nasty
lana-xoxo lana-xoxo Aug 13
I bet Tyler, Asher and Kimmy are going to be in a love triangle
sgrayson03 sgrayson03 Aug 05
My teachers that bit since I take AP classes they expect us to get it done the next day
yeah, the cover totally doesn't make it look like things are weird or "intimate"
My guy friend starts to call me nicknames and is all sweet so I'll do his homework but HELL NAW! NOT TODAY!  -.-