What A Witch

What A Witch

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Ally By Iam_Ally Updated Oct 06, 2017

Athena graduates high school and gets accepted into University of Witches, but she doesn't know that right away. Her parents had kept the truth from her entire life, that Athena is a powerful witch. Her best friend Summer is a witch too, getting accepted to the same school. Even more truths come out along the way, lots of doors and paths opening. Will she overcome the challenges, or fail like her ancestors?

Liam is looking forward to attending the University of Witches, but isn't looking forward to the attention he'll receive as Prince Liam, future King to the Witch world. Everywhere he goes, people throw themselves at him. All he wants is to find his soulmate and to settle down. Will that happen, or will things turn out very badly.

Book 1 in a trilogy. (Ongoing-publishes weekly)

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Mortuarylover Mortuarylover Feb 13, 2016
Some minor spelling mistakes but other than that I like where the story is going!
CatGirl7795 CatGirl7795 Nov 18, 2015
It's a great chapter and also I told my sister about this book so she might read this iswell
CatGirl7795 CatGirl7795 Nov 06, 2015
It great and I think I might be your number 1 fan. I know it might seem crazy but I'm crazy about your book. I'm in love with you for wring it.
starlawyer_1 starlawyer_1 Oct 16, 2015
i wonder if they would allow people to have dogs in stead of cats if they weren't a cat person
happyrainbowkittens happyrainbowkittens Dec 28, 2014
I just wanted to say not to be mean but I have one compliant that's that the story line is a little ummm boring to me sorry but I just wanted you the author to know
darcislove darcislove Mar 20, 2014
just a little word correction here. unless it's on purpose then ignore this