Wait, You're Gay Too?!  [BoyXBoy]

Wait, You're Gay Too?! [BoyXBoy]

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Mia By Apocalyptice Completed

Nathan, a shy boy, is a closet gay. No one knows besides people close to him. He figures he'll never find a person who will love him.  

That is, until his best friend invites him to a party.  He goes and meets Jake, the loud and proud gay werewolf who doesn't care about what others think. Being the Alpha's son, he's enjoying the partying scene before he has to take responsibility and become Alpha himself. Something just clicks between the two, and they immediately fall in love .  

Within the lessons of loving yourself and self-worth, what will happen when they are under attack, and the enemy is right beside them?   

Just read it... Please.. It's a good story, I promise! I really can't do these descriptions well!

halitherses halitherses Jun 25
In the closet bisexual, straight up only my close friends know
Me and my friends created this squad called the "Stomach Mooses" and when the students from our school heard about it we got lots of weird looks
*Wheezes like a turtle* 
                              Friend reading this with me: y'alright love?
                              Me: *Still wheezing like a turtle* SuRe
KarlUngi KarlUngi Jan 22
Reading this at 2017- and for some reason I had to laugh when I read this bit because I was thinking the same thing about myself about 10 minutes before I read this line 😝
TheStareGazer TheStareGazer Aug 18, 2016
Will it tell if it's be... sweetened up for the young candies out there. Because I wanna read the SHIZZLE out of the sour path kids parts, if ya know what I mean
CharlotteJHarmer CharlotteJHarmer Oct 31, 2016
I came here mainly because I like the sound of the story on the description but also because you used "you're" right