Wait, Aliens Are Hot?

Wait, Aliens Are Hot?

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Not Jamie Dornan By yyyoooo Updated Oct 06, 2016


As hundreds of girls are abducted from Earth, Natalie Gates is forced to face the fact that she, along with all the others, must have a child with her assigned 'mate' in order to repopulate planet Soro. As if this wasn't enough, the imposing threat of a dangerous species forces the planet to go into defense mode. 

Can she overcome her hatred and trust her mate despite his mercurial tendencies? It seems she must if she wants to come out of the fight alive.

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yandi1123 yandi1123 Mar 14
Re-reading this story! It’s an oldy for me. One of the stories I remember loving out of all of the others. Would recommend.
Ey_bitch_skt69 Ey_bitch_skt69 Sep 12, 2017
dude this is exactly like a story i read a couple of days ago...
Ey_bitch_skt69 Ey_bitch_skt69 Sep 12, 2017
why do they have human names and cars? this person lacks of imagination
thecrazywolf34 thecrazywolf34 Nov 04, 2016
Oh god no this isn't a planet is it? It's.........A SPACE MALL! (American dad reference for those who haven't seen the show)
thecrazywolf34 thecrazywolf34 Nov 04, 2016
I don't think you should be saying that to an alien who could literally kill you if he wanted..........-__-
7rt80rt 7rt80rt Nov 05, 2015
This is incredible you have an amazing imagination. I love it!