Rejected and very special      **Editing**

Rejected and very special **Editing**

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Shes a wolf that has had many rejections. She finds her final mate, but does that stop the chaos? Her name is Sapphire, the daughter of the moon goddess. She holds the power to kill you with one look.

    She is the rider of the most powerful dragon known to man. She has over 200 mates that have rejected her, but her mother never gave up trying to find her the perfect one. Finally after around 2 years she finally finds a mate that accepts her for who she is. 

   But that doesn't keep her bad luck from getting in the way. Her mate gets kidnapped, will she ever see him again? Join Sapphire on her journey to save her mate. But first you must see the start of Sapphire Wolfe.

~The first couple chapters are not that great, i was like 11 when i wrote them. So please wait it out and keep reading! Much love 😘😘~

Oh helllllllaaaaaa naw you can't just accept her cuz you want power you bastarded prick go grow a pair
headphonesbae headphonesbae Aug 25, 2016
I just imagine her fell from dragon while sleeping😂😂😂😂
bossomeCatQueen bossomeCatQueen Sep 30, 2016
I like how the guy's last name is Slaughter, since he just slaughtered that relationship in a blink of an eye.
julie563 julie563 Nov 12, 2016
Greedy hog! Of course he now wants her because of power! Men.......😒🙄😂
Wait didn't he here the speech about being the moon goddesses daughter🤔