Finding Fate

Finding Fate

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CentralBay By CentralBay Completed

Mates, my parents told me that it would make me happy, ecstatic, over-joyed, excited, and anything but sadness and rejection. And I got the exact opposite of what they said it would be like. 

After Dylan's parents die by saving her life, Dylan is treated like a rat you find in your house. She is yelled at, insulted, abused and mistreated. So Dylan hopes that her mate will save her from this place. That he will take her away from this place and cherish her. But she didn't expect that her mate would be Ryan, the future Alpha. The one who had hurt her the most in the past. So after getting publicly rejected in front of the whole school she leaves the pack, vowing to never return to this place as the same girl. 

And she completed that vow when she returns back to save them from rogues with her new pack who she considers family, a completely different person. But with her wolf still trying to get over Ryan, will she be able to withstand Ryan who wants her. He seems to be everything that she wanted in the past, but is that what she wants now?

Pay back is a bitch. My friends name is Tori, like Dylans middle name. If she were a werewolf and was rejected Alpha or not I would slap him. Nice chapter by the way, it is amazing. And amazing the word just speaks for its self.
Evenoo Evenoo Aug 31
If you don't like the color imagine her with your own personal preference. I'm imagining her like a chocolate colored wolf, with a white circle around her left eye and a white paw.☺️
jairafolx jairafolx Feb 07
Ohh I get it because she's a future Luna someone wanted to hurt her. I get it now
Evil_Angel7 Evil_Angel7 Jul 28
*activating bitch face*
                              NAH I'M  KIDDING!
                              this is my resting face.
I'm like how is this her freaking fault?! Blame the fudging hunter!
If it says that was nothing compared to breaking her arm wouldn't that mean breaking her arm was worse?