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Ownership by Prism84
Ownershipby Prism84
Ownership Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Please do not use this content or replicate it. This content is for entertainment purposes only.
He is a good boy just He loves s*x💥 by Myblueworld12
He is a good boy just He loves s* Myblueworld12
Fic Summary: Pete is a hot boy who loves variety in s*x and his relationships with his boyfriends are usually short-lived and unloved. His main problem is that he is a...
Boys have dirty secrets by Myblueworld12
Boys have dirty secretsby Myblueworld12
Fic Summary: Pete, the son of a multi-billionaire, is forced to study abroad at the request of his family. When he was in Compulsory English classes before entering univ...
My Fiancée's Brother  by travelust3
My Fiancée's Brother by travelust3
Four young men's entangled relationships. They got power, good reputation, and money. However, our main character, Qianlan, has always lived a painful life. He is engage...
I Love You But Is It Too Late? by Ou_lan_er
I Love You But Is It Too Late?by Ou Lan Er
[Completed] I realised that I love Han-jae, but he seemed to forget about me... Now, I am trying so hard to get him back, but is it too late for us?
My Phobia Man by Ou_lan_er
My Phobia Manby Ou Lan Er
A lonely writer with social phobia moves into a new flat, unbeknown about the irritating next-door neighbour. Without a remedy, he tries to ignore the weird young man, a...
HIStory3: Make Our Days Count by WonpilsPiano
HIStory3: Make Our Days Countby Wonpil’s Piano
Just a few hardly-well-thought-out MODC oneshots written by a bored wench who lately spends her time daydreaming or binging on MM audiobooks like that would somehow fix...
Lick my blood...Make me hot🌡️ by Myblueworld12
Lick my blood...Make me hot🌡️by Myblueworld12
Fic summary:It all started when the youngest brother of the original phantoms, Zee, announces that he is bored! And so, because he is so dear to the eldest brother in th...
My Grandpa's Stupid Will by lilgrandmama
My Grandpa's Stupid Willby ICE
When I was younger, there was this kid who used to bully me every single day. And now... I'm married to that bully? TaeTee as FlareBlaze
A Slice of Love by tshreyu
A Slice of Loveby Tshreyu
A Tum-Tar Love story. Type plays match-maker (sort of) for the two brothers. This is just a teaser first chapter for the story I am working on. Hope you guys like it.
Hello Angel...Come with me...⏳💫 by Myblueworld12
Hello Angel...Come with me...⏳💫by Myblueworld12
✅➡️👉COMPLETED👈⬅️✅ Fic Summary: Y and his wife Yuri have been dreaming of having a baby for years but Yuri is unable to conceive. One night they pray from the bottom o...
When a man fall in love by Myblueworld12
When a man fall in loveby Myblueworld12
Fic Summary: Bright is a famous boxer who accidentally meets Win , who is a conscientious, strong, very masculine and professional policeman. Bright loses the qualifyin...
Different Beings by lilgrandmama
Different Beingsby ICE
In one world he was a king. A man with power. He was respected. But in another, he was humiliated. He was the lowest of low. He was caged and tortured. But someone came...
The french kiss on champs_Elysees💌 by Myblueworld12
The french kiss on champs_Elysees💌by Myblueworld12
Fic Summary: Max is a famous solo singer ,is involved in the daily routine of fame ,but He loves his job.One day in the neighborhood park in front of his apartment, he s...
Hack Into My Heart by Ou_lan_er
Hack Into My Heartby Ou Lan Er
[Completed] Yusuke was always there for me... during my darkest hour... whenever the darkness was ready to claim me... his light was always there, reaching his hand and...
You're like coffee...make me up all night☕🌌 by Myblueworld12
You're like coffee...make me up Myblueworld12
Fic Summary: New is an ordinary employee in a regular company. He always acts within the rules and has a boring job. He goes through his repetitive days and even seems t...
Seduce me hoty Boy🎸 by Myblueworld12
Seduce me hoty Boy🎸by Myblueworld12
Fic Summary: Bright, the serious and wealthy boss of a chain company, who always wears formal clothes, while on his way home with his driver ، is upset by something ، is...
Love is full of stupidity by NaughtyNightingale
Love is full of stupidityby NaughtyNightingale
Love like Lotus and Sun. young couples who destined to meet .
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The Killer Loves You🧩 by Myblueworld12
The Killer Loves You🧩by Myblueworld12
✅☑️➡️COMPLETED⬅️☑️✅ Fic Summary: Mew is a professional assassin with unbeaten missions. After being away from murder for a while, he takes on a new mission. He calls hi...
The Money Grubber by Lorena_Slowaki
The Money Grubberby Lorena J.S
(Lorena: This isn't provided by music so it may change in the future T_T I am so bad when I try to write...) "The guy I am in love with hate me. He may be despised...