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Their Parallel Universe ✓ by _reichii
Their Parallel Universe ✓by 𝑹𝒆𝒊
As Poll and Eujae, they can't stand each other. As Ten-Ten and Gaele, they care for one another. Art major Apollo Helios Torres and business student Eujae Nigel Castill...
This is a compilation story of 15 unique couples who are from the most elite families. The Great Korie Empire is the second biggest empire in the Continent in a fictiona...
My Super Star 💥🌟💥 by Myblueworld12
My Super Star 💥🌟💥by Myblueworld12
✅👉➡️COMPLETED⬅️👈✅ Fic summary:Vegas is a famous singer from a band of five, who wears leather jackets, loves the color black, has attractive piercings and tattoos, and...
Frigid Flames by BarbienahAnabella333
Frigid Flamesby BarbienahAnabella333
"Dark love is a twisted labyrinth Where the heart get lost The mind follows" Running away from one hell he made hi...
Hello Angel...Come with me...⏳💫 by Myblueworld12
Hello Angel...Come with me...⏳💫by Myblueworld12
✅➡️👉COMPLETED👈⬅️✅ Fic Summary: Y and his wife Yuri have been dreaming of having a baby for years but Yuri is unable to conceive. One night they pray from the bottom o...
Love Sick🫂 by Myblueworld12
Love Sick🫂by Myblueworld12
✅👉➡️COMPLETED⬅️👈✅ Fic summary:Tutor,Yim and Kim are close friends and they have a friendship group of three. Tutor falls in love with Yim and enters into a relationshi...
Mr Suppasit's personal life☀️♥️🌻 by Myblueworld12
Mr Suppasit's personal life☀️♥️🌻by Myblueworld12
✅➡️👉COMPLETED👈⬅️✅ Fic summary: Mew is a famous superstar who has everything he wants in life except ... acting in a Hollywood movie . It doesn't take long for him to b...
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The Killer Loves You🧩 by Myblueworld12
The Killer Loves You🧩by Myblueworld12
✅☑️➡️COMPLETED⬅️☑️✅ Fic Summary: Mew is a professional assassin with unbeaten missions. After being away from murder for a while, he takes on a new mission. He calls hi...
Five Weeks by MyInvisibleButterfly
Five Weeksby Rittzi
OhmNanon One Shot
Make-Believe by MyInvisibleButterfly
Make-Believeby Rittzi
To get rid of some-one, I needed a make-believe boyfriend. - An OhmNanon One Shot
A Little Thing That Matters... by MyInvisibleButterfly
A Little Thing That Rittzi
Living all hardships for that one little thing that matters... - A PerthChimon One Shot
The Supermarket Guy by MyInvisibleButterfly
The Supermarket Guyby Rittzi
A single gay father falls for a super market guy... - An OhmNanon One Shot
Ownership by Prism84
Ownershipby Prism84
Ownership Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Please do not use this content or replicate it. This content is for entertainment purposes only.
Stranded Love by MyInvisibleButterfly
Stranded Loveby Rittzi
My plane crashed and I got stranded on an island with my childhood crush... - A PerthChimon One Shot
831 - I Love You by Ou_lan_er
831 - I Love Youby Ou Lan Er
[Completed] I didn't like Ming Wei at all. If the destiny didn't force me, I would never step into his world. Now, looking back at those times, I am actually very thank...
Office Elevator by MyInvisibleButterfly
Office Elevatorby Rittzi
One day a the dreaded office elevator blessed me... OhmNanon One Shot
Boys' Love - A to Z (BL One-Shot Collection) by MyInvisibleButterfly
Boys' Love - A to Z (BL One-Shot Rittzi
Collection of my favorite BL ships One Shots. Fluffs and No Smuts. Original Idea is to have one chapter each based on the Alphabets. But will see how it proceeds. Every...
Forbidden Sunlight by MyInvisibleButterfly
Forbidden Sunlightby Rittzi
I am a vampire and so sunlight is forbidden for me. But he is a human then why is he unable to get into sun? - An OhmNanon One shot
The Confession by MyInvisibleButterfly
The Confessionby Rittzi
I will confess before it's too late... Wait... Is it really too late? - An OhmNanon One Shot
🧑‍🎄My bad santa💥 by Myblueworld12
🧑‍🎄My bad santa💥by Myblueworld12
✅👉➡️COMPLETED⬅️👈✅ Fic summary : Barcode went to the ocean in the middle of the night half drunk. He carefully folded his clothes and put them in a corner on the beach...