A King's Love

A King's Love

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kudz12 By kudz12 Updated Jul 08

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Stepping out of the car he stood in front of her looking down at her angry little face.

"How dare you disgrace me in such a manner. Where do you think you are going with her?" She spat.

"Woman step aside. Let me help that poor girl you are so afraid of," he said in a low voice. "It's funny how you feel threatened by a woman you have never spoken to, a woman I have not yet known," he said as his lips twitched into a smirk.

The queen seemed to think over his words an appealed expression dominating her features.

"Just remember who your wife is," she huffed walking away from him looking around to see their audience.

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Angielb73 Angielb73 Aug 02
So I think Rudo is pregnant that why she told the doctor not to tell no one uh oh the prince us going to have feelings for her in the long run watch
Angielb73 Angielb73 Jun 04
So it must be an arrange marriage and he don't want her  is the king white or what
breezyclairebair breezyclairebair Oct 30, 2016
please update!!!!! im already hooked and i just want to know what happens next!!
naturallyjess naturallyjess Oct 23, 2016
Who is she running from, the King seems to not sleep in the same room as his wife. Is he bringing in the girl to be a mistress
SuzettePeters SuzettePeters Oct 23, 2016
I swear you know exactly how to get me caught up in your books , can't  wait for more
khamira1256 khamira1256 Oct 23, 2016
This is a very interesting beginning. But who was she running from. Why the king so mean.