The Vampire King (#Wattys2016) On Hold

The Vampire King (#Wattys2016) On Hold

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Jitika Salhan By miss__imperfection_ Updated Jul 01, 2016

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"Are you ready to spill your secrets, you disgusting creature?!" The king practically roared as he sent another blow to my back. 

All I could hear was his voice shouting at me, demanding answers to the questions I didn't even understand. None of it made any sense. I couldn't even form the words to tell him what he thought of me was wrong due to all the screaming that left my throat numb, all I could do was sit there crying my eyes out while I silently begged him to stop. 

All of a sudden, it became too much, the pain, the screaming, the tears, the king's nonstoping questions and demands. I felt my eyes dropping as I thought maybe, the Gods have finally decided to end my suffering. I let the darkness embrace me as the silence surrounded me like a lullaby.


     The most feared Vampire 
    An ordinary human girl

Brought together by an unknown prophecy, will she really be the cause of his destruction? 

Or will he destroy her first? Leaving her to pick up her own broken pieces before she can be an ounce of a threat to him. 

You're welcomed to explore this world where only bloodthirsty creatures , lies, betrayal, and darkness exist. 
But don't be surprised if you discover LOVE along the way... 


Cover by- @forcade
Edited by- @AzaRiv 
Copyright © 2015. 

WARNING** Contains inappropriate content, must be 14+ to read. 


annah_liri annah_liri Feb 06
The power of love. (but also the power know🙊🙈)😜
I get you dude seven year olds can be a pain in the âss … hmph spoiled brats ruining kingdoms
Araya_S1999 Araya_S1999 Feb 25
Rose are red violets are blue
                              Cut the crap
                              Stop the flu...
                              I have no idea WTF i'm actually doing..
Hhaahhahahhahahahahahahha all the comments about him getting good pussy all went down the drain
daleahhh daleahhh Jan 02
That age gap tho lol fr some real 2nd grade drama is about to go down
annah_liri annah_liri Feb 06
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂a seven year old will destroy your kingdom😂